Yellowing on new growth

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SteelersPens, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. I've read many topics on this. And have seen many different answers. I'm not trying to figure out what this problem is or if it even is one..what I'm wondering is if alot of you experience this? Not during veg, but first couple of weeks in flower. I've read people saying its normal and new growth..I've read where people talk about it happening from switching to bloom ferts in first two weeks of flower( btw I use half grow and half bloom) . I've had this happen in previous grows and the buds stil turned out great. However, we are all about optimum growth I'm wondering do most people experience this during first couple weeks of flower?
  2. Let me add that my plants usually turn from a darker green in veg to a lighter green in flower. Not sure if its from switching to hps from mh, or because of nutes..but just what I experience.
  3. Is the new growth starting out green, then yellowing? Or is it just coming in a lighter shade of green than the older growth? The second is normal.
  4. New growth starts out yellow..then buds form. Def not lighter green, which is what you always see during new growth even in veg. Starts from inner and goes out..does not reach outer part of leaves. But like I said, my plants usually turn a lighter green during flower, after being a darker green in veg
  5. Do they green up at all or stay yellow? Does not sound normal.
  6. My plants never die, and get great bud, but I want it even better if this is an actual problem instead of being normal. Trying to perfect this here.
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  7. That is what I'm not sure about. I have to wait and see. I just know I've seen it in the past( never paid close attention to now) and plants turned out fine

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