Yellowing of seedling leaves

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    Hey all, my plants are a little over a week old now, and im experiencing some problems with the leaves on the majority. I am using 50/50 RO/TAP water(my tap water is astronomically shitty, 330ppm...) since im not adding nutrients just yet, when I start, I will 86 the tap water and just PH adjust and add nutes.

    --I am using 50/50 coco/perlite some of the pots closer to 60/40, the second set of leaves is almost in and the 3rd is growing in.

    --Im going to post pics later, right now phone isn't working, but the yellowing isn't bad, its more of a lightening of the leaves, but its noticeable. I may have overwatered a few of the plants after the transfer, its day 5 and they still aren't close to being dry. I don't water till I get runoff, I just water till it feels heavy enough. They also seem to be leaning towards the light throughout the day so I turn them every 6 hours or so.
  2. Here are what most look like, theres a few that are dark green still. What do you think?

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  3. They are in huge containers for babies which is fine just don't plan on seeing much above ground action, all magic is happening making roots. Plants look fine to me, as it gets older leaves will darken. Keep ph right and RH (50-60%) and temp near 75° and you should be fine.
  4. Yea man ur over watering her she is in way to big of container to water that much if u continue to grow like that make sure u water just around the plant and not try to soak the whole container but other than that they will bounce back

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    Well i definitely did over water when i transferred, but my last water i try to get the whole pot wet, so the roots can stretch but ive been letting them dry between waterings, first water on the 12th and i just watered the driest ones yesterday.
    --This is what they are looking like, from last night, not really much of a difference between today and last night, except the color seems to slowly be coming back as they dry out. also, i took temps from the tops of the plants and they were hot as fuck some around 90f! I moved the light to 12" but i don't want to move anh farther, some are still around 82-85F.





    -I was digging my finger about an inch deep to see if one of them was dry and the roots seemed to have reached the side already, im kind of freaked i think i might have fucked it up because i messed with the root.....
    ---On a real note, i really feel like these are very very behind from where they should be, disheartening to say the least. Almost at week 2, im at 11 days right now.
  6. 80° is highest is go should be closer to 76-78° range. 90° is killer except on certain strains. Move light up or cool room down with an ac
    Or better ventilation
  7. Learn some patience bro. You're going to need it if you want to be a gardener

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  8. The only option i have right now, it to blow a fan on the plants, i have an oscillating fan going in the tent, but i want to put another one blowing on the plants all the time(non-oscillating). Ive been reading that that constant airflow on seedlings can be detrimental instead of helping, what do you think? I have to do something.
  9. Constant is too much for seedlings and in general a bad idea for mature plants oscillating helps strengthen stalks and branches. Also a fan is not going to cool room down just move hot air aroundZ better or more venting or an ac are only true options to drop heat
    Show pics of setup, lights filter exhaust etc
  10. You're gonna kill those babies with too much attention. If you spend enough time on this site you'll see the advice LITFA (leave it the fuck alone). You can easily create more problems not giving them time to adjust from the previous 'fix'. My advice...focus on getting the environment right first. Let those pots dry out. IF it gets too dry for'll notice droopy leaves...they're tough plants. Read through the sick plant posts. See what ppl are saying and try to recognize the issue. That's how I figure out whats goin on with mine....the reason I'm here now. Good luck
  11. that's exactly what I have hooked up right now. 6" inline vented outside, filter is just not attached atm. Temps still high. I'm going to have to buy portable ac and stick it in the room but I'm thinking the plants will still be hot because of the light, I'm gonna have to raise the light to like 15-16". It's a HO 4 ft 4 tube, the temp doesn't seem that hot when I check with my hand but registers 80-85. I have a oscillating fan In the tent, and another by the door blowing on the light from outside the tent pulling air in from outside the room.

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