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  1. Hey! Moved to Oregon and started growing this season: one Marion Berry Kush indica hybrid about three months old on the vegetative state. I fed it call/mag as directed every watering, kelp as directed once every 7 - 14 days, maxigro as directed every third watering. It's in a ocean forest soul. I make sure that all feedings are between 6.5 and 7pH.

    Three weeks ago I started noticing that the older leaves were turning yellow and withering at the tips. Up to this point is when I watered to always be at 6.5pH. After I noticed the leaves turning yellow I tested the soil pH and it was at 5.5. I increased the pH on the feedings to 7pH since.

    The plant, overall looks healthy. It's growing still. Since I'm new to this and it's started three weeks ago I'm really concerned. Please help!

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  2. How big a planter is it in and how long has it been in it? How did you test soil ph? What kind of water are you using? Looks like its still having a ph issue....
  3. Overall they look pretty healthy. It's noraml for the older leaves to start to yellow when entering flower. If it's rapid then you might need more nutes. IMO they look ok.
  4. Nobihurry thanks for the reply. It's on a huge plastic planter definitely over 10 gallons but not sure right now, I can check tonight. It's been on that pot since I bought it from the dispensary in May as a small clone. I tested the pH from run off at the bottom of the pot. I use Portland city water from a spout outside.

    Hamto Yoshi from my understanding the days he in Portland don't turn to 12/12 until end of September. Could it still be almost flowering? If a nutrient problem, which nutrient is the one I focus on? Nitrogen?

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