Yellowing new leaves with small necrotic spots

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by chucktownbaby, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. This is my first DWC grow. The babies (well, one more than the others) are getting new leaves that are yellow with the veins still green. Also, there are very small, almost unnoticeable necrotic spots on them. This made me think it was a potassium def. I've been using GH nutes. Any suggestions? I was thinking of dumping the water and refilling it with fresh water.
  2. Shit guys the spots are a lot worse today, and the leaves are curling up a little bit. PLEASE help me guys!
  3. The yellowing of the leaves is chlorosys, which is caused by a lack of chlorophyll. It`s often the result of a disiease or nutrient defiency. The spots are usually caused by temperature stress and/or high humidity. As for the leaf curling, it could actually be caused by the strain you are growing. Some sativa-dominant strains need very little fertilizer, and react to being overfed with curling of the leaves. Or, it may also be one of the more common strains, and is doing this because of nutrient defiency. I`ve never heard of GH before, but Advanced Nutrients are some of the best products around. Also, how are you growing the plants? Indoor, outdoor or hydro?
  4. It's hydro (deep water culture). i think temperature might be too high, so i'm going to put another fan in there.
  5. are you regulating the ph?? 5.5-5.8
  6. The pH is close to that I believe. I am using pH strips, and they only go as low as 6. The color is slightly lighter than the 6 color, so I am guessing it's close.

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