Yellowing lower leaves, red tips, please help!!

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    Hi there,

    Lights - 1 200W 6400K CFL, 2 46W 2700K
    pH run off = 6.4 - had problems with acidic soil but have been stabilized around 6.4-6.6 for the past two weeks (added dolimitic lime last week to help)
    Water = every 4-5 days
    RH = 40-50%
    Temps = 20C lights off, 29C lights on
    Soil: Eco Soil Organic Compost (recommended by local hydro shop)
    Nutes: began adding 1/4 strength 3-2-4 last week around Day 35, just fed today again.
    Strain: Blue Velvet (50/50 indica, sativa - Blueberry family)

    Stunted growth (only about 4 inches tall and day 43 from seed), yellowing lower and mid leaves, red tips with red spots fading inward and beginning to affect upper leaves, red stems, new growth is nice and green.

    Day 43 from seed (soil is damp because I just watered)....

    Please help, what is wrong with these plants and what can I do to help them?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. bump... need help ASAP
  3. Hi.

    First thing...change those lights. They are the wrong spectrum
    for a vegging plant. Change to 6500K only. A mixed spectrum
    of 2700K and 6500K is great for flower.

    Bump them up to half strength nutes now.

    Good work on that Ph !!! Keep it there.

    U will see a quick, marked difference if u
    can accomplish this.

    Nice healthy plants.

  4. Hey Freakbro!

    Thanks for the reply. I switched the lights today so I now have 292W of 6400K CFLs.

    I noticed today she sprouted bigtime since I fed her last night, she must really be hungry. I have fed her 3 waterings in a row now so I am reluctant to feed her 1/2 strength nutes next time around but I trust your judgement.

    Thanks for your help.


  5. Good luck man. Anytime.

  6. Hey Freak,

    So I followed your advice and began adding 1/2 strength nutes. However now the plant is showing symptoms of nute burn ('the claw' on newer bottom growth, and light green tips)...

    Also, the red tips and yellowing of leaves has continued to progressed up the plant and is now beginning to hit the upper leaves.

    Should I flush and start feeding 1/2 strength again?

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