yellowing limey leaves, and claws.

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  1. hiya hope everyon is doin aright. well i have a few plants that I'm not entirely sure whats exactly going on. this is my first attempt at doin it so please excuse my ignorance. i have some plants that are in one gallon smartpots which i will be transplanting in a few days, showing yellowing or a light shade of green on the leaves. was not sure if this was due to to weak of a nutrient solution or what. im using h&g but dialed back the nutrient strength because about a week and a half ago i noticed some signs of burn(so i thought) and the leaves looked like they where getting to much nitrogen. they looked to dark. but now im using about 7ml a gal of a&b. i peaked at 9 ml a gal then had to tone it down. i also have a few brown/yellowish spots on a few planties, im thinkin the solution is maybe weak but i can be wrong. i measure the ph before every feeding and it stays 5.5-6.5 ish. but i only measure it before adding in additives. should i measure after adding those in? H&G says to measure after adding the base nute, then let it do its thing but im a little tempted to tinker with it after i add my additives. temperature is pretty consistant, but as of late i have not been opening up a heat vent a night which causes the temps to dip down to about 65 and peak at around 80 during this what is causing the bending downwards of the leaves(clawish)? when i do open the vent it like a 5 degree differentiation in temps. room humidity is at 45%. I'm using coco and feeding daily-to every two days. i usually just pick up the pots and if they feel light they get feed. the clawing did happen a bit before but that was when i was heavy feeding the plants and i thought that was due to that. i did a minor flush(low ppm solution) and the leaves straitened out. i then preceded to gradually bump up the ppms. just wondering if the solutions to weak ? or should i flush again? and the clawing is due to the temps maybe? lights are about 18 inch away. i took some photos with the leds off so they look more true. only the mh 400 w is on. please any input is welcomed, thankyou.-jr


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  2.  /bump  mine kinda look like this.  interested to find out
    also why is there a line through my text?
  3. The clawed plant looks indeed high on N.
    The pic with the leaves with all the spots look a bit like calcium deficiency to me. I have read that excessive N locks out Calcium as well.
    Also when the soil is too acidic (low ph) it will be hard for the plant to absorb Calcium; you measured 5.5 to 6.5 Ph I think that 5.5 is on the acidic side and may also contribute to your Calcium issue. 
    I'm a beginner so I would wait for the experts here to teach us. 

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