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  1. so in the past 2 to 3 days i have lost alot of leaves they turn yellow then if i touch them they fall my plant was outside for sevral months and i brought it in about a week ago transplanting went good. its flowering and has ben for 2 to 3 weeks im prity sure loosing leaves is normal but im loosing alot of them fast any help would be great the plant is not dying its still verry helthy but some of the leaves not all
  2. Give it one dose of veg nutes...something with nitrogen.
  3. read the abuse chart link in my signature.

    check the ph of your run off.
  4. That thread should be mandatory reading...
  5. i thought it might have ben something with the plant needing more sugar i dnt think its nitrogen
  6. Didnt I see a post where you wanted to grow a tomato plant to get your grow box calibrated? If your having a nitrogen problem get some blood meal from lowes and put a small amount on the top of your soil and water. But be careful not to burn your plant with it. Smaller is better in this case.

  7. or he could go out and get some good nutes ment for growing this stuff. fox farm or something like that to add to his crappy soil...

    i still say check the run off. if you have crappy soil that doesnt have enough nutes in it. then possibly its crappy enough not to have leveled ph.
  8. never grew a tamato plant in my life i got some organic soil from a nice part in the woods i kicked the leaves and saw a bunch of worms wen i picked them up they exploded with juices all over me the plant was outside for a whil but it was in the same soil i have it in now
  9. Yeah sorry bout that man I had you confused with someone else. I hope your grow goes well.
  10. If the leaves are dying in a predictable pattern, upper to lower etc, then that can go a long way to diagnosing the problem.

    Often times the best thing you can do for a plant is just give it a bit of nitrogen, which is why folks suggested nutes and blood meal. My suggestion would be to try some nutes from Fox Farm or the likes. Vegetative ferts to get the nitrogen level back up, then go for some type of bloom nute if you would like to increase the P and K for robust buds.
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    i use something called zuber water and distiled for nutes i have used small doses of big bloom from mg the zuber water smells like rotten eggs but my plants love it sometimes i add distiled water to it to weaken it the only leaves that have fallen off wer 3 leaf [​IMG]
    [​IMG]THIS IS IT NOW [​IMG] C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\My Pictures\jungle\jungle 028.jpg if u cant see the picks can someone give me a link to photobucket that dsnt make me have an acount

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