yellowing leaves.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by blacklight68, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. the very bottom set of leaves seems to be yellowing and the next up the tips are curling under with a slight yellowness there in pots out side in an open field ill take a pic as soon as i can maybe tomorrow
  2. HIGH All, sorry BUDdy...too much reading everywhere else.

    It's the cotyledon leaf and it has done it's's normal for it to die. Cut it O.F.F.F.

    Have you been feeding it any fertilizer? Some leaves will get sunburned when just put outside from inside.
  3. hmm, i do belive u are wrong, as those have allready died off this was the set of leaves after that look closly u will se it has the razor type edge not a smooth edge... hmm i heard to boost nitrogen use urine in a 1:10 ratio with water that correct?
  4. sorry to be rude i just noticed u must zoom in to see that.

    i used just a we bit one time a week ago but that was it they have been out side all there life
  5. HIGH All, sorry then.

    Edit: naw forget it.
  6. hmmmm for get what the solution?
  7. HIGH All, no go tell you to read, read and read some more till your head hurts. Was what I was going to personaly never tried it so can't say. It's why I gave you a link to OG.
  8. i had that same problem with some of my plants i just got them out of the sun directly so much and watered them a little bit more i also threw some bone meal in there and that solved my problem
  9. OMG HE SAID UNOIT IS WRONG... he's never wrong, the man's a walking encyclopedia for marijuana growing...

    as for the yellowing leaves, he is right, they've done their job, alot of your bottom leaves (if you have a big plant) will get a big yellow, so, a little pruning never hurts, its pretty much asking to be pruned...

    Also... I just noticed when I looked at the pic, you have 2 plants in one small area.... thats not good... transplant one, the plants are too close in one area, their roots will tangle and your plant will grow alot slower.

    Like beastie boys say, but with revised lyrics, HOW YA GUNNA PLANT IT, GUNNA PLANT IT ROOT BOUND :D (theres ya problem)

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