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  1. there is a light yellowing that is occuring to the leaves in a striped fashion whats the prob? Over wattering? I give it maybe a watering once every 2 days and it just showed up a day or two ago. I did just transplant it, could this be triggering it?
  2. When did you transplant it?,Was it rootbound?,Into larger container I'm sure. A good soaking after transplant is good,,,then in a few days run finger around edge of pot ,,water if dry to your first knuckle or so.

    If you just transplanted it into fresh medium,,it may need to patient,,see how it is in a week.

  3. Thanks and yes I transplanted to a bigger pot it had about 4-5 nodes and was approx 4 inches. I cut off the two little small leaves, and filled it with dirt like an inch above that area. After all this stuff I'm going through it really makes me want to go to hydro. sooner!! I'll try what you have stated
  4. it sounds more like your having a fertilization problem, if leaves are yellowing from bottom of plant and working up- you might have a nitrogen deficiency. if its yellowings between veins of leaves it could be magnesium problems, anyway, pay attention to the fertilizer, you might not be using the right amounts, and remember- always use half of what the directions say! Peace
  5. does......?

  6. I just posted pictures. Is this what you're talking about? Hopefully.
    If anyone can help I would be very thankful, I don't want to lose the plant.

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