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  1. My plants are in the 5th week of the vegetative stage. Growing in Pro Mix HP and using grow micro bloom from advanced nutrients. The lower leaves are going yellow and dying. This is my first grow and I’m struggling to know if it could be nutrient deficiency or nutrient burn or even some other issue. I’ve attached a few photos.

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  2. well first of all you are in the flowering stage so if you dont know the difference you better do some research and then start on some P and K with A little cal mag because you are flowering and check your ph
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  3. They are under 18/6 light schedule so not sure how they’d be in flower
  4. They are auto flowers, probably. Photo of whole plant without purple light please.
  5. They’re supposed to be photoperiod seeds. Unless they sent me the wrong ones.

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  6. Yup. Auto. I would pot up to a larger size pot and finish.
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  7. What’s the minimum size you’d recommend?
  8. well even if they were photos and they are not why veg 5 weeks in a tiny pot did you do any research whatsoever? just get a 3 gallon pot some miracle grow and be over it lol and then do just a little studying they do look healthy anyways
  9. Because they’re going outside into the ground in 2 weeks. My grow tent is just for starting plants. No reason for big pots
  10. They’re definitely not rootbound
  11. 3-5 gallon. Get them into final pots. You'll be chopping in a month or a little more.
  12. i dont think you comprehend your actual situation you have an autoflower that will be budded and dead in about 4 weeks why put it outside?

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