Yellowing Leaves?

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by targett, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. Hi, one of my plants is starting to yellow on the leaves is there anything i need to give it? Its in pure coco fed cana A and cana B at 1/4 strength, in 12l bucket under 600watt hps.
    Thanks for looking

  2. Bump up your feeding to 1/2 strength for a week and see what happens.
    In one of those pics it seems that you have white spots on top of the leaf, but maybe that's just the camera being weird. On those leaves check underneath for little pests. This happened to me a while back, and turns out there were tiny red spidermites all over the bottoms. It was too late before I realized it and I had to deal with them for the duration of the grow (hurt yield, but not a big deal otherwise)
  3. Ive just been and checked quite afew leaves on all the plants, they look clean underneath. Im feeding them tomoz so ill up to half strength.
  4. hey those look great :) I'm new and INvolved, grasscity is a great place, lotta knowledge.  I only see the 1 little spot. I don't see any yellowing xD. im a newb and this is to the untrained eye, but possible nute spillage on that leaf even.  look healthy and any pros help train ma eye, wheres the yellowing. 
  5. Its hard to see by the pics but the top load of leaves are going a lighter green almost yellowish the camera on my phone didnt pick it up to well. Ill try and get a better pic tomoz
  6. Biggest problem i have with coco is fungus gnats. they present in different ways but all look like various types of nutrient lock out issues.

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