Yellowing leaves.

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  1. If someone could check out my latest updates in my journal, and help me figure out what might be wrong with the leaves on one of my plants, that would be sweet! I thought it was needing to be fed, so I gave it 1/4 strength nutes but it doesn't appear to be getting better or worse. Thanks blades! :wave::smoking:
  2. once leaves have gone bad, they wont get better again, the plant cant repair them. all you can do by solving the problem is prevent it from getting worse.

    for a diagnosis we are gonna need a good quality picture, there are a bunch of things that can cause yellowing leaves. nitrogen deficiency and wrong pH being the usual ones, but theres also sulfur deficiency and a couple of other things that cause various patterns of yellowing.
  3. The leaves that are yellowing are at the very bottom of the plant, it's the first set of true leaves. All the new growth is healthy.

    I can't post the pics again, but you can see them on page 2 of my journal. I'll try to get some higher quality pics up soon too.
  4. sounds like classic nitrogen deficiency, but it may also be pH-related. its always nice to repost your pics if youre already opening a seperate thread to ask a specific question. you know your journal, but the people who are on here to help would rather not have to check it out ;)

    looks to me like a nitrogen deficiency that has been successfully treated for now. untreated, the yellow discoloration is usually evenly distributed, it gets spottier when its being treated, as small patches of leaf recover while other patches keep dying off.
  5. Yeah I know what you mean haha, when I tried to repost them though it says they've already been posted in the other thread and they wouldn't upload.
    I was pretty sure it was nothing serious, thanks for the reassurance! :)

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