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  1. This is my first time growing hydro, after a good first couple weeks it is now the third week of them being in the set up. The first sets of leaves are slowing getting lighter green, one almost yellow. Wondering what this could be. Ph is where it should be. And theres that one leaf on the first pic with a couple spots of somethin

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  2. More info all the info you can think of...
  3. ummm well after the first week i added nutrients half the strength of nutrients that the bottle said. My reservoir is 60 or so Litres. The bottle says 33ml per 100ml for seedlings and cuttings, and I put 8ml of each bottle(grow,micro,bloom) Everything was fine! Then 4 days ago i did a water change, added full strength nutes for seedlings and this has slowly started happening since. Always checking Ph also
  4. I don't know too much about hydro, although I am growing in coco, but from what I've read those spots on the leaves and the purple veins and stems could be a cal or mag deficiency. Maybe even the yellowing but I'm not sure if it affects the whole leaf like that. Try searching google for cal-mag deficiencies. A ton of people ask about it so details are there and you can probably find people who's issues are very similar to you own so you can narrow it down.

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