Yellowing leaves PICS!! NOT N or LOCKOUT! HELP, PICS!

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  1. What type of medium; soil or hydro?- soil
    What brand and type of soil? - FFOF/perlite/earthworm castings/high N guanno
    Indoors or outdoors?- outdoors
    What strain?- ak-47/purp kush
    How old are the plants?- 3 months
    What is your watering frequency and source of water?- Once a weekish, tall-boy filtered water ph corrected to about 6.3-6.5
    What, how much and when was it fed?-
    1 tbs (15ml) botanicare pro grow, (5ml) liquid karma every feeding (once a week)
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro?- ph runoff about 7 maybe a little under
    What are the temps and humidity in the room?- 80 highs/40 lows
    What size pots?- 8-10 gal smartpots (breathable fabric)
    Any bugs? Look real close. mostly snails
    Plants about 3-4 feet tall in VEG

    Hey guys looking for some help!!,
    So starting about a month or so into this outdoor grow the biggest fan leaves at the bottom of all my plants started to dull and eventually turn yellow then brown and crispy and fall first it started off real slow and only 1 or 2 leaves died in the span of about a month. This has now progressed and I'm not having any luck solving it. I realized I was over watering (every other day) so I let them dry for about a week and a half and have been watering only once a week until they feel light and dry now. Then I thought I had a PH lockout of some sort because less water was not helping, but checked ph runoff and that was at about 7 maybe a little lower which seemed in check... Now I guess I just need to figure out if I am under or over feeding?? not sure what the problem is...all the new growth looks lush and green, and overall vigor is decent but not as healthy as I would like. any ideas??? thanks guys...


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  2. Sure looks like a N def to me... maybe add a good chuck of worm castings as a top dressing (add a cup or two per plant), or give her a good feeding of some veg nutes. Mag & Calcium are really the only ones to lock out in your ph range, and doesn't look like either to me. N & P is pretty hard to lock out IMO. I know you said it's not N, but it looks like it is, I could be wrong though.

    Good luck!
  3. I have at least 2 cups of earthworm castings as top soil on all of em, not to mention a whole bag mixed in...I agree with you it looks like N deficency but I'm still worried about PH problems, I don't want to over fert and build up salty toxins, but I checked run-off and they are all at 7 or a bit below. I kept them way too wet for the first few weeks so I was sure it was just that!! I guess Ill bump up the veg nutes and if anything gets worse ill just do a flush??
  4. Yeah, I have a stubborn mule with the same problem LOL Top dressing usually works but some are stubborn :mad: A feeding or two of veg nutes should help - watch it a few days afterwards. Yellow won't heal, but the rest of the plant should be good.
  5. thats my problem!! the top growth looks great!! I wish it would grow a bit faster, but if you dont look at the bottom leaves they look like super healthy green vigorous plants! I have been feeding with Botanicare veg fert everytime I water! I guess time to double the least another half a TBS.
  6. Good luck man, keep an eye on the plant color, it should darken up a bit and you know it's uptaking N. Too much and the leaf edges may claw down a little, you know you've given too much if you see that! Very pretty plants BTW, I think they'll be OK with a feeding.
  7. thanx ed, I think we are on the same page...any other opinions out there to confirm my plan??
  8. Ok ed, may need some more help on this, it has been another week, and I have basiclly doubled my doseage trying to get those bottom fan leaves to quit dying, and it is just not working!! My ph run-off is about 7 or just under, I have them in good soil and have been giving them lots of nitrogen and still no darkening of leaves and slow growth....Im fed up!!! I need to start flowering but wanted to get them in healthy shape first....what do I doooooo!!!!!!
  9. Hmmm.... so what are you feeding them and how much? I know you said Botanicare... CNS series?

    Keep in mind a couple of things:
    1 - Nutrient changes usually take 3-6 days to really see any difference

    2 - Once sun leaves have gone yellow, brown, spotted, etc., there is no recovery, those leaves will continue the decline no matter what you do. I normally remove them and watch for any new leaves to go downhill.

    Your ph and everything sounds OK, and the plant doesn't look to pale from the pics. My problem child (El Dorado) has not fully recovered from the yellow leaves but is improving since I feed her some grow nutes, that was 2 weeks ago.

    Hopefully this is just a matter of patience, but while we wait let's look at your nutes and see if anything seems odd there. If anyone else has some input we'd both like to hear LOL :)
  10. I am not sure if I am using the CNS, the bottle just says "pure blend pro" it is a 3-2-4 npk I believe. I am using 2 TBL spoons of that and 2 TSP of their "liquid karma" (Seaweed) about once a week. I was only feeding 1 TBL spoon, have now doubled the dose twice and not seen any darkening of leaves and new leaves are matting and turning yellow all the time. the plants are getting big, I want to start flowering but feel I need to get this under control first...I'm gonna head down to the hydro store now and ask them what they think...thanks ed...any other ideas would be greatly appreciated...

    here are a few new pics- the last few you can see the yellowing starting low and spreading much quicker than before I feel...overall they still look great but this nitro def. is really starting to annoy me, I want to heal my babies!!!

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  11. NOTE- the real yellow leaves in photo #2 is a cal/mag def. that I have since taken care of....thanks

  12. I think this is my problem!! I remember back when I transplanted them, I put them from about a 2-3 inch jiffy pot into big 7 gal smart pots. On more than one occasion I have noticed them wilting like they were bone dry but when I picked up the pots they felt like there was still plenty of water in there. But then I would water and everything would perk up so I just assumed they were dry...I think the bottom half of my soil is soggy and the top layer is drying out!!

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