Yellowing leaves on a good looking plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Abukuchick, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. After the disaster that is "Sprouty" (I can't even bring myself to throw out this horribly grown plant), I started a new plant. It is growing very well, with the exception of the leaves starting to yellow. My landlord (who I like to call Pot Master) told me to leave it alone, but I think there's something wrong. What causes this normally? It is in a normal pot with good soil. I know I don't over/under water it and I use water that has sat out at least a day for temp and mineral stuff evaporation. I'm going to repot it this weekend because it is getting kidna big for its pot (could this be the problem?). Any tips would be appreciated, I don't want another crappy plant!!!! :)
  2. Hmmm..........They all look very similar to me! The bottom leaves are the most yellow. It's probably over fert, I gave it one spike of miricle grow (under the instruction of my landlord, who as of tonight still thinks the plant is fine) in the whole time it's been growing. I hope that repotting it in some nice fresh dirt will clear up the problem. Thanks for the link! I'll try to get a pic but it isn't likly, the only camera I have belongs to my boyfriend's father ;)


    Sorry for yelling but with those spikes you have no control over how much ferts your plant is getting! Water the soil with at least 4 gallons of water to flush the soil out and get those spikes out first asap. This plant may still have a chance...
  4. I am going to transplant tomorrow into a big pot and will flush the soil then, 4 gallons seems like too much for the little pot its in. I'm sure most of the spike is gone by now because i put it in there a long time ago. Thanks for the advice, I'll stay away from those from now on!


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