Yellowing Leaves, Nitrogen Deficiency?

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  1. My plants are at about the 4 and a half week mark right now and ive only fed them about 1/2 strength Fox Farm Grow Big once. They are vegging under a 400watt MH and have some very good soil from a college lab. and are watered about every 3-4 days but lately its been a lot sooner because I'm pretty sure the ones in the smaller pots are root bound. I am going to be transplanting tomorrow so I'm not too worried but I was wondering if this yellowing is from them being root bound or is it something else? I'm sorry my set up looks so ghetto right now I just sent for an air coolable hood, I have a 6" fan to instal for exhause, and will be putting up my ducting out that hole in the back you may see. I was wondering by the way if I vent into another room will I still be ok or is that a real no no? There is only 2 of the plants yellowing badly right now but a few others are a little pale. Any advice on this grow would really help me out. I purchased these seeds a long time ago and because of the graces of the company they sent me another package after the first was lost and said "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year". I found this to be rather calming and decided to start up the little buggers as soon as possible. Now I'm in this rut where I may be losing a good opertunity for some sticky stuff. Well Heres the pics the two on each sides are in the big pots and seem to be doing really well (I've also been feeding them a lot more of the Grow Big). I see some signs of sex but I'm not sure what they are yet (very very tiny). Oh by the way the strains are Bubblegum and Sweet Dreams 4 and 8 respectively. Thanks if you have read this far and I would really appreciate your help.

    Well looking at the pictures now I guess you don't see the Hole in the back wall but in some other posts I have it If you care to look for it.

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  2. The only thing that bothers me is that the light I have is a Neutral Deluxe Bulb from SunMaster ( I was wondering is this not as good as say a Cool Deluxe or is it not really that bad? The only reason I ask is because I bought it cause I heard MH is much better for veg than HPS. Also I was wondering if it is a bad idea to use this bulb in a HTG supply ballast that is a big question I should probably find out quick before I burn my apartment down. Yah thanks again for any help.
  3. Come on Guys and Gals I know you want to help out your fellow traveller on the journey. The ph was tested to be at about 6.5. Could it be a Micronutrient deficiency or is it nitrogen? Anyways heres some more pics for the hell of it. Check out the hella deformed finger on the big bubblegum. Also is a picture of its preflower if you can see that well. What do you folks think? He or She?

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  4. Your plants are fine. No Nitrogen deficiency at all - leaves are green and healthy. Don't worry about the odd leaf that is yellow unless the condition spreads.
  5. If your plants are root-bound then get them into bigger pots, don't water them more often.

    What is this "good soil from a college lab"? That doesn't necessarily mean it's good for MJ.

    You may want to feed more often. I don't see a badly yellowing plant, but I'll take your word for it. If it's yellowing from the bottom then that is a classic sign of nitrogen deficiency.

    You can vent to another room, but keep in mind you could be pumping odors and heat into there.

    You may want to move that thermometer higher up (or if it has a remote sensor) -- try to take temps at plant-top height because it could be warmer there directly under the light.

    Also, you probably should tie back the power cord from your light so that it is not directly under the heat of the lamp.

    And you need to be a bit more patient waiting for responses -- some of us are sleeping at 2 or 3 in the morning!
  6. Thanks toasty, I guess I was just a little concerned because this is only my second grow and I just wanna be sure I get at these things before they become a big problem. The thermometer is pretty close to right under the light, but yah I see what you're saying and I'll move it up a lil. Yah I used to have the cord for the light taped on the side wall away from it but I had to do some renovating and now I dont have any duct tape. Lol I didn't even think of the reason I wasn't getting responses is cause it was so late at night, I just saw a bunch of views so I was trying to inspire people I guess? Anyways thanks for the help. I can rest easy now knowing my babies are doing just fine.

  7. Cant be 100 percent sure, but Id bet the farm the one in close up is indeed a lady:hello:
  8. Really? because me and roomate were thinking male. a lot of the other are showing like this too but its just too early to know for sure. Thanks for the boost of confidence though that kinda made my day right there. Happy tokin, this ones for you.
  9. Ive my fingers and toes crossed. The wait too tell is awful:)
  10. Yah I know it seems like my first grow they showed alot sooner, but a lot of variables have changed since then so its not that unlikely. Anyways its 2 days away from week five since planting and for god's sake I'm getting ancy. Rastagirl thanks a ton for continually replying with me, most people here will say something once (usually something along the lines of "you're doing blankety blank wrong" or "you need to ..." and then almost talk down at you which is totally fucked up), and I'm glad I've met a reasonably nice person now YAY! Anyways I'll update with some pics in about 15 mins or so and I'll be back on later after i finish my class called "Monsters, Robots, and Cyborgs" HAHAHA that cracks me up. peAce
  11. Well heres the updates. A few pics of the babies, a couple pics of the preflowers, and a pic of a lil guy of the stuff I'm puffin on right now. I need more oh well soon enough. Sorry, Enjoi

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  12. hey no problem, I was new at it once too. Knowledge is meant to be shared.
    I wont have all your answers but I'll be glad to help when I can, i know when I was growing I had TONS of questions, and the only way to learn is to ask. The only stupid questions are the ones we dont ask.
    The look very healthy anyway my friend, you tending to them like a smitten daddy :)
    Another good tip for you is, generally the males are taller....

    Best of luck.

    Rastagal :wave:
  13. Yah I know it seems like even if I'm pretty sure I know what is wrong I will ask just to make sure. Anyways as you can see in the last picture 2 of them have been transplanted into bigger pots. This morning when I checked on them the ones I transplanted are starting to green back up. I guess I knew what was wrong the whole time and how to correct it, I just didn't do it fast enough. Anyways they dont bother me anymore because they look better. But I was wondering when I should start flowering. My room is only 4.5 ft tall so I don't have that much room, but I suppose I could always train them a lil. Either way some are getting mighty tall and I just want to make sure I'll be able to fit then all without running out of vertical room. Thanks again.
  14. U can start to flower once you have alternating nodes, thats a good rule of thumb.Dont forget to leave space when you start flowering cos they will get much bigger, If you are low on space and it sounds like you are you could start anytime.
  15. Yah I'll post some pictures sometime soon of the space I have and everything but today when I came home I was happy to see that the one that was most yellow is starting to green back up since the transplant.
  16. Sorry I didn't get around to this sooner but I've been pretty busy with school. Anyways theres a pic of the whole setup, 2 tops views of the canopy, and a pic of the plant farthest along close up. What do you think? I have to say that originally I thought it was male and I was doomed but upon further inspection it looks promising now. Anyways yah from the looks of the first pic when do you think I should start flowering? I just got the conformation email for my air cooled hood so that will be coming soon but I can already see this set up starting to come apart. I really gotta get that hood so I can have them flourishing the way they should. Thanks again

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  17. they are looking healthy my friend !!! good job. But some of them seem much smaller than others, also I noticed that pot sizes seem to be different. Which could be reason for that. Bigger the pots, the better the plant grows, more room for good root developement.
    But if they were mine Id go ahead and flower. But they may be some more experienced growers who could give you a better definitive. But thats my two euros worth.:)
    They do look good though, well done.:wave:
  18. Wow! Yah they've really turned the corner and the only thing I can attribute it to is the fox farm grow big feeding I have been doing more frequently. I am going to be doing some transplanting here in a minute and I will update with pics after that. But they are looking hella nice now. most of em nice an big. I think ill start a new thread titled When To Flower in low room? and That is where the updated pics will be seen if you wanna follow the grow. Peace

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