Yellowing leaves in veg, what to do?

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  1. The plant is still on veg state, it had been doing quite wonderfully up untill about a week ago, some of the fan leaves are turning yellow. I've been watering once every 3 days. And I've been using organic neutrients once a week. The soil has been fairly moist thr whole time, so not sure if it's from over watering? The strain is skunk #1 and is growing outside, shes about 2 months old. Would anyone be able to help me on why this might be happening?

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  2. An even paling/yellowing of the lower leaves is usually a sign of nitrogen deficiency. She could also use a bigger pot. Good luck.
  3. Thank you! I'll try to give her a bit more neutrients this week and see if it helps =)

  4. I would also allow your soil to get a little dry between waterings.. It'll encourage the roots to stretch for those last bits of water and moisture in there thus giving you actual growth as a benefit. You may also be lacking macro nutrients like nitrogen because that specific fertilizer may not be giving the plant everything it needs.
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