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  1. Hey everyone, I’m on my second coco grow and may or may not be running into an issue. I’m growing green crack strain under a 600 watt led, I’m in my third week of flower, following the attached feed schedule. I used LST to try to maximize my plants volume due to limited growing room. Recently I’ve been losing two or three leaves a day. They’re mostly near the bottom of the plant closer to the middle. They yellow and fall off. Water is Ph’d to 6.4. At first I throught it was a nitrogen deficiency or something like that, I’ve also heard that it’s normal to start having yellowing of leaves but I always thought that was supposed to be closer to the end of flowering. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. Forgot to mention, other than the few yellowing leaves I think everything is looking ok? This is only my second grow so I may be way off. I’m using a feed,feed, water/cal mag schedule. I figured I’d come to the experts to get proper advise.
  3. Not that anything looks bad there at all.. But the only two red flags I see are coco should be fed/watered every day (it's inert and really hydroponics), and should be ph'd at 5.8 to 6.2.

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  4. Thanks for the reply! I wasn’t sure about feeding everyday, only because I’ve read someplace that flushing every few feedings helps to prevent buildups. I supposed watering to 20% runoff would do the same thing? To touch on your other point, I was watering at a ph of 6 but ended up getting lockout for some reason! I’m just worried about my leaves, it’s stressing me out! Lol
  5. Since coco is inert, it retains very little nutrients, so no build up. I feed at 5.8 to 20% runoff every day... Although I won't correct anything if it falls between 5.8 and 6.2. I do flush the final week... whenever I start seeing 20% milky trichomes, just to get the plant to use up the nutrients in the fan leaves. That's obviously all strain dependent.. But that the guideline I use.

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  6. You should definitely feed everytime. Ph a batch of Nutes to 5.5, it will be 5.8 by morning. Feed throughout week letting ph rise to 6.3 then ph back down. The nutrient uptake chart has a fine line for calcium and phosphorus right around the 6.0 ph mark. By letting your feeds swing ph, you’re hitting both sides of the range.
  7. Awesome, I appreciate the help. Do you think the 2 leaves yellowing a day is something I should be concerned about? There’s plenty of healthy foliage left but I’m not sure if there will be enough to get me through till the end of my grow cycle
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  8. If you were getting lockout at 5.8 - 6, you should double check that your pH meter is calibrated, of your using drops/strips ignore what I wrote.

    Also make sure your feed solution isn't super cold/warm, that can freak a plant out in Coco I have found. Before you feed sit whatever your feeding next to your plant for an hour or so, then it will be close to the same temp as the medium.
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  9. Absolutely, I usually leave my water jub by my tent for 24hrs so that it can adjust in temp before I use it. Last time I had lockout that was my exact issue. I had to recalibrate my ph pen and everything bounced back. Something so small can make HUGE negative effects!

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