Yellowing leaves help...

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by pfd161, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Green Crack
    Day F40
    Using maxibloom at 3/4 recommended, koolbloom at recommended as well as silica blast, sm90, and just added cal mag plus.
    Ph to 6.
    Temps 60 at night, 72 daytime.
    Feeding twice/day to run off.
    Qb 132's x 8 with exhaust fan and 2 other fans.

    I did spray fans with sm90 mix for powdery mildew....could this be from that? Did a 1 part sm to 5 parts water just before lights off. Mildew seems to be under control.



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  2. tips are burnt which says they got too much nutrients at some point..

    looks like a nitrogen deficiency... wonder if its an actual deficiency or something else is locking it out

    do you let your PH fluctuate from like 5.6-6.2 or just keep it at a constant 6.0?
  3. I only do 2 days worth of nutrients at a time.
    I need to check the ph of my bin after a day and see what it is. I may do a flash of half strength nutes. I think the gh maxibloom and koolbloom should be plenty of n ? I will look it up. Thank you for responding!

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  4. 2 days worth of nutrients at a time? .. im not familiar with the series youre running.. but i would personally run like 3-4 gallons of just PH'd water (to like 5.8) through it .. then start over with like 3/4 strength nutes.. and by 3/4 strength im talking about what people HERE recommend as full strength.. whatever the full strength is on the box of the nutes you bought says is way too high already.. they always say use way more nutes than your'e supposed to.
  5. What I mean is I replenish my bin every 2 days.

    I've been running 3/4 strength and it seems too much.

    Will flush and remix. Thanks.

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