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  1. Plants have been green as could be all through veg and for most of flowering. Now they are sitting about 3 weeks away from harvest and they are showing a decent amount of yellow leaves. The buds looks nice and green but the fans and others are yellowing, I take a handful off of 8 plants every couple days.

    Same thing happened with my last grow. Is this normal? If not, what's going on?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Totally normal bud no worries its just the plant using up the rest of the nitrogen in itself.
  3. I agree!

    But in some cases more so with monster plants you will see little yellow leafs during flower.

    Take a look at all the 4,5, to 10lb plants you can find and see if you can find any yellow leafs during flower?

    I have no clue about numbers but I guess the yellowing in normal to about 90% of growers. Don't sweet it.

    If they are yellowing really fast you can hit it with nome N for a feeding. Just do one plant though and see if you can notice difference. If you do then N the rest some.

    When ever I try something out I try it on one plant only.
  4. Yeah as soon as flowering really starts the yellows are a daily occurrence usually. I already pull a few off a day its mainly lower inside leaves that hardly get light.
  5. Yep, same here, lower inside leaves. Ok, so when you a day or so before harvest are most of your main leaves gone/yellow?
  6. What up GC! Im new to this here but im having the same issue and im GLAD yall cleared this up for me! Much Lv
  7. Cool, Just make sure it the older inside leafs. If your plant are losing lots of normal leafs and looks pale it could be other things.
  8. It seems like a lil bit of both honestly but whats blowing my mind is that it only happens at the say im like 2 weeks from harvest.(everything goes great until then) I really would like to maximize potential so im all ears!!:confused_2:
  9. You want less nitrogen by the time you cut it down bud so being as yellow as possible by harvest in my book is preferred. I don't like super green going on as the extra nitrogen in your plant will make it burn harsh just like extra mg will too. When the plant thinks it dying off it does a lot better at trying to finish up and put off as much resin and thc as possible.

  10. Cool man thanks for that info it was much needed!!:D I have 1 last question if you guys dont there a huge swell that should take place at the end of flowering? Because if there is.............i have seriously been f'ing up! harvesting way to early(at least a couple or few weeks im thinking)
  11. IMO most the bud weight is packed on in the last two weeks. Or a lot anyway. Get a scope and look at your trikes to let you know when the plant is ready.
  12. [quote name='5150']IMO most the bud weight is packed on in the last two weeks. Or a lot anyway. Get a scope and look at your trikes to let you know when the plant is ready.[/QUOTE

    Yeah so i think thats my problem(other problem that is). What im gonna do then is just hold off and see what happens, cant hurt anything. I def appreciate the info though i would be lost without you GC!:smoke:
  13. I know its normal but if the plant is using up alot of nitrogen could you try and offset it by adding some. If you did would it increase yield? not enough N to overdose but just enough so the leaves stay green

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