Yellowing leaves, Any suggestions?

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  1. Here is a pic of our problem. We just started upping nutes about 4 days ago. They are at 590 PPM's now. We waited to start upping due to clones we had to keep replacing. This seems like a deficiency of some type?

    IMG_4186 fixed #1.jpg

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. Our link below in our sig explains our set up. Sorry we were in a rush today to leave and thought that would be enough. But now realize that it would be a pain to read through a few posts to get the info. AND we don't have all the info needed to help determine the problem. We have read through threads and on line even through books we have and are still unable to pin it down. We are thinking maybe a Zinc or N deficiency? Here is a rundown of our system.

    Transplanted clones 11-15-10 roughly, (bad start!) into Ebb and Flow system.

    Lucas Formula. Started PPM's at 248. On 11-25-10 started raising nutes 100 PPM's a day.

    600 watt enhanced spectrum HPS, starting at 360 Watts and upped to 400 Watts two days ago, raised 40" above plants. 24/7.

    Co2 at 1350 - 1400 PPM.

    Humidity at about 40.

    Temp at 75 to 80 degrees.

    Two oscillating fans above, away from plants.

    Watering - started flooding every three hours for about three days then switched to every four hours. Plants are definitely getting water.

    Can't think of anything else right now.....:bongin: :bongin:

    Let us know if you need more info! Sorry about the newbiness! :rolleyes:
  4. What's the PH?

  5. Duh.....We forgot a major part! We adjust the water twice daily to 5.80. It likes to creep up close to 6.0.

    Here's another pic, different plant (there are 9 plants on the same rez) with some leaf curl.
    IMG_4184 fixed.jpg

    Appreciate any help!
  6. Sorry about that- didnt see the sig link - i tend to ignore all sig's due to spam from other foruming systems.

    The PH seems to be okish, I would put it down to over-fert or nute-lock of sorts(Im no expert) just from the description and pictures.

    As far as i understand over-ferting burns resulting to similar damage as with your pictures, or a lockout of the nute's, forcing the plant to get what it needs from its leaves in order to continue growth/recovery etc.

  7. Thanks for the help! I think we're going to change the rez and start upping the nutes a bit faster. After talking to a friend, we're thinking it may be that they aren't getting enough nutes (which goes along with what you say about lock out) or possibly too much water? If they still look bad, after upping nutes, we'll cut back on flooding which is now ever 4 hours. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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