Yellowing leaves-any help??

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  1. hi, I have half of one of my rooms turning yellow on the leaves and crinkling and twisting a bit. I am in 10 gallon pots with pro mix. I think it is a ph issue since my old probe was off by .4 even after calibrating, but since we changed it it’s spot on. The yellow starts on the inside and spreads. Any suggestions anyone?

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  2. Have you flushed? If not, that's what I'd do. Flush with pHd water only and let them dry out before watering again with 1/2 doses of your nutes.
  3. Yes I did the ph flush. It’s so weird that it only happened on half the room in that room. I have 4 rooms with 88 ten gallon pots each, so only 44 plants are showing these symptoms. It might be fixing its self now since the ph is calibrated better with a new probe. The soil is reading a ph of 7 with a cheap dr meter water moisture probe as well. It was reading 8 last week
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  4. What nutrient line do you use?
  5. I'm using mostly the fox farm trio liquid and trio water soluble but I also use botanicare Cal-Mag plus, advanced nutrients rhino skin and also a little earth juice hi-brix molasses middle to late flower.
  6. Sweet. I just switched to the full line of emerald harvest. I was using grotek pro silicate, AN 3 part, botanicare cal-mag and liquid karma, AN b-52, AN big bud for ripening, GH kool bloom powder for finishing, and terpinator. I heard good things about emerald so I switched. I’m thinking of possibly switching again to Veg + Bloom for simplicity.

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