yellowing leaves 6 weeks flowering

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  1. one of two of my plants leaves are really starting to yellow i mean all over besides where the buds are, all fan leaves have turned yellow? what is wrong with my plant, i know late into flowering leaves go yellow as plant is using everything it can get but wow i about a week i think all leaves will be yellow......

  2. Probably nitrogen deficiency...once they start its hard to catch up so just give them something with more n in it and it will keeping them going till the end..ive had them go yellow week 4 and made it through fine so you should be ok
  3. Also might try adding about a teaspoon per gallon of sugar to the Usually the plants use light, water, and nutes to MAKE sugar for energy. If you cut back on nutes, give it a bit of sugar directly, and it helps a bit.
  4. Molasses yeah, sugar idk
  5. They uptake it fine. What kind of sugar is endlessly debatable...molasses, honey, brown sugar, confectioner's sugar, plain sugar, brewing malt...all work. Different growers swear by different types.

    One thing you DO have to watch using sugar is airborne yeasts....if there's too much unused sugar water in your solution, yeasts will start turning it into alcohol. Alcohol levels get significant, plant is poisoned, and dies.

    Which is why I steer clear of malt and molasses...those are the best sugar sources for high yield brewing, which means they're best suited for being turned into alcohol.
  6. I use it all tru flower, AA meetings for my plants dirty dipsos
  7. i have upped the nutes abit but with only a few weeks left i think the leaves will all die off? will this be bad for my plant?
  8. Less leaf surface means less light energy absorption, which means less sugar created by photosynthesis, which means less energy for creating and growing flowers.
  9. well im fuked then.
  10. Not I said, sugar water can help. The plants can uptake the sugar and water directly, without photosynthesis to create sugar...then the problem is making sure there's enough light energy getting to the plant to keep the sap moving, so it's DELIVERING that sugar where it needs to go....the flowers.
  11. ok next watering i will feed sugar, i have white sugar is that ok?

    how can i make sure i have enough light energy
  12. As long as you have enough leaves that are still green, it'll be fine. No way to tell what "enough" is, though, until it shows more health, or keeps getting may not be recoverable.

    White sugar's what I works fine for me. Anyone who uses sweet water will tell you something different about "what kind of sugar to use", the truth is, ANY sugar works. malt and molasses make the best high yield alcohol when exposed to yeast, and certain levels of alcohol kill plants, so I avoid them, and you'll want to treat with antifungals even more heavily to kill as much yeast as you can, to avoid it, even with white sugar.
  13. hmm not sure about that, you know these things you get too flush plants really fast.
    all they are is sugar water lmao, wich means it will flush the plants of all nutrients.
    sugar water however is a cheap flushing agent ^^
  14. plants wont uae the sugar.... the bactiera will use the sugar do not use sugar for ya plants that ridiculas if there yellowing they need nitrogen not sugar.... they need nutes for the bactirea to break down ao they plamt can use it.

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  15. Dont use sugar op first off no ones seen a pic can you upload one please
    2 sugar is not for plant its not a mirical thing for them and dont go puttong shit loads of sugar in ya grow ypu attract insects and youll most likely fuck up them even more trust me.

    If you can upload a pic and tell me
    What soil
    Time shedual
    How old
    And strain we might be able to give you an accurate diagnosis

    Do you actully grow!! Cause thats some awful advise to give when youve asked no usefull questions....

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  16. Haha I use smarties to top dress mine for the sugar, but once the smarties turn white I replace them......

    Why do we call it the third eye? When really it could be the first
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    Shitloads of sugar, yes, are trouble. A tablespoon to the gallon of water isn't "shitloads".

    As for "do I grow?"

    View attachment 148614
    That's the first set of clones just under 4 weeks in (2 weeks in cloner, 11 days in soil, pics 3 days old). Organic soil Fox Farm grow Big and Bloom Booster in 2 cups of water per plant every other day, 1 tablespoon per gallon of water on non-feeding days (alternate 2 cups sugar water, 2 cups nutrient water, daily watering), Both ladybugs and MantisBe used for mites/aphids, Greencure for antifungal.

    View attachment 148615
    Dutch Treat #5 plant 1 same crop same time
    View attachment 148616
    Orange Kush, same crop.

    3 brand new clones taken off them two days after soil transfer rooted well enough that they went into the ground 4 days ago...the smallest of them grew 3 inches in that time from a single noder clone.
    Grow is 2 Critical/Catatonic Kush (source wasn't certain which they were), 6 Orange Kush, 2 Dutch Treat #5 under 2 1,000 watt HIDs, a Solar Flare 200 (18 months old), 80 watts desert reptile UV distributed in 4 20 watt hood fixtures, and two LED spots (which will probably be replaced shortly by another Solar Flare) in a 5' wide by 10' long by 10' high. Being winter, my fans aren't on much, when they are, it's a pair of WindKing 8" 745 CFM.

    This is my 4th solo indoor grow (though first in such a "large" space...previously I've been in a 4 by 4 by 6, with the lighting system built with the Solar Flare as primary), not counting my "can I do it?" plant, NO autoflowers, not a single plant has died in any of them, even under a 4 month veg, 60 day flower pattern WITH every two node topping to keep them between 24 and 30 inches before flowering--which is topping too often, and has a tendency to contribute to shocking plants.

    Plus 4 outdoor crops as a volunteer hand under the lead gardener for our co-op/dispensary...who has been growing legally since 1996, every season (since it was legalized medical, in Cali), and maintains a minimal personal indoor, taught practical hands-on for the local conditions by...lord, I can't count how many local pro growers I've inspected setups, discussed, been advised by...twice a week I'm in 4 hour activism meetings hosted at homes or gardens of medical growers and dispensary owners across the state...granted, generally I stick to the west side of the Cascades, but I've been to them across the state at some point or another...

    No, I'm not an expert on the plants. Nobody really is, fully...there's always something new to learn...but I know biological processes reasonably well...because I'm auditing WWU's biological sciences school's botany program (granted, I'm the equivalent of a new sophomore in degree-specific courses, at the moment..200 level courses). Light and electrical sciences (though I tend to oversimplify, even though my posts are long) due to holding an engineering degree, which I was lead into pursuing by having worked general construction for 5 years fresh out of the Army, then starting a GC company specializing in upgrading "Historic Victorian homes" to code without costing them their status as "Historic Victorian homes" that was successful enough that in slightly over 5 years from starting it, it sold for enough to support the same lifestyle I'd BEEN living (a comfortable 6 figure lifestyle), AND tuition, books, and lab fees, while I attended the engineering program.

    Translation, yes I grow, my methods have been working quite well for a decent while. I haven't just been making them up off the top of my head EXCEPT where hard science says I might be able to improve conditions in a way not normally discussed, and I get advice on areas where I HAVEN'T yet been able to apply my own experience or hard knowledge I've picked up formally through exposure to around 75-100 different professionals in the MMJ field in a state known worldwide for the quality of flower elicited by an outdoor grower.

    Nor are the current strains the only ones I've played far I've had successful mixed grows that included Bubblicious, Flaming Girl Scout Cookies, Big Bud Kush, Dion Warwick, Cherry Pie, and Lemon Diesel.

    A thank you to my friend Kemohbud (who may or may not eventually register here instead of lurking) for providing steady hands for photos.
  18. so your a sophomore in botany have an engineer degree on a 6 figure salary.
    whats any of that got to do with growing herb.
    ive got a degree in hortriculture and my family been farming for eons. and don't understand how feeding sugar will fix either an N deficiency or lack of light on lower leaves.  Don't matter whats being grown
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    Proper technical knowledge on applicable issues...such as knowing how and why lighting works, beyond "plug in, it makes light", or how the plant absorbs nutes, and moves them, exactly how photosynthesis works, and therefor how to best (for my circumstances) provide what the plants get from nature. SO many other issues and influences.
    THAT is how it relates.

    It WON'T fix a nitrogen deficiency or no light to lower leaves...what it WILL do is provide sugars the plant can't make for itself DUE to those leaves being dead or not getting sufficient light.

    Which allows you the opportunity to keep the plant alive long enough to repair the nitrogen deficiency...with luck, that allows it to resume healthy growth. Without luck, you MIGHT at least finish flowering.

    You say you have a horticulture degree? Then you know that photosynthesis is, in simple terms, chloroplasts using sunlight to turn nutrients, CO2, and water into sugar, which is stored in the plant, and used to fuel growth. If the plant is lacking in leaf coverage, it can't convert sunlight, water, and nutrients into sugar, and starves to death. Give it sugar in safe amounts, it will assist the plant, in the same way that additional O2 or carbs, either one assist US to have more energy or do more work.
    Same exact reason you put sugar in the water of a vase you drop a cut flower bouquet in...they can use that sugar to maintain life/freshness longer.

    You're right, it's NOT a "cure-all". Never claimed it was. I stated it would likely help his plant a bit. To what degree, I can't guess, and also stated THAT. Which is all true.
  20. External sucrose intake (in large amounts) could impede photosynthesis (no need to produce sugar) and produce paler plants. Found this also i wpuld not suggest what you have molassas maybe for thw micro.herd and the fact you gathered no other info is bad on your part thwre could be a completely.different issue and wont be fixed what if its lock.out add sugar wont help

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