Yellowing leaves 2 weeks into flowering. Need help

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  1. I'm about two weeks into flowering now. This problem started a little bit before I put the plant into flowering but it wasn't as severe. After doing research online I can't quite zone in on what the actual problem is. My guess is zinc deficiency but I'm gonna need some more insight. If anyone could help me out that'd be great.

    The leaves towards the middle/bottom are the most affected. New growth seems to be alright, although slightly more pale green than the plant once was. Also, some of the inner, smaller leaves have started to cup downwards. Not sure what that's about

    If anyone can also tell me whether or not I should prune/trim off some of the big leaves, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

    Pics below

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  2. When did you feed it ? what did you feed it / what is your grow medium
  3. So far I've fed it twice, the last time was about two weeks ago. I used a fish fertilizer (2-4-1). My grow medium is black gold organic potting soil. Other than that I've kept it simple as far as nutrients go. I foliar fed it Epsom salt water a week and a half ago as well
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    You should be using half strength nutes. The soil you are using should suffice in nutes until the next repot. I only use full strength nutes on weeks 4, 5 and 6 of flower.
    Also, stop with the Epsom salt foliar spray.
    Repot into a larger pot when you can..The larger the pot, the larger the plant.

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  5. Will the plant be alright if I don't repot? Cuz Tbh I wasn't planning on repotting. It's currently in a 10"pot

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