Yellowing leave problem, need a diagnosis. (Pics)

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  1. This is only the second time i have grown, and i am having a problem with yellowing leaves. You can see from the pics that there are random leaves throughout my plant, which is currently flowering, that are turning very light green then yellow. I orginally thought this was a Nitrogen problem so i added more of the Miracle Grow soil to the pot which already had Miracle Grow soil in it. Im aware that some people dont like miracle grow soil, but it worked good last year. I though maybe that the Nitrogen in the soil might have all been absorbed. This did not seem to help because ive watered it a few times since then to release the nutrients from the soil and im not seeing a decrease in yellowing leaves. I dont think im watering too much or too little. Thanks anything helps.

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  2. I am having a similar issue. I got Fox Farm Big Bloom to try and remedy the situation. Hopefully it works
  3. Jr, your plant looks fine. As a plant ages (annuals, in particular) some of their lower leaves will begin to yellow and eventually fall off. That's normal. Sometimes plants start developing yellow leaves when nutrients are depleted. Every time you water your plant or when it rains, some of the nutrients that are in the soil are leached out. You can add fertillizer to your soil to keep the plant green longer. Adding more MG soil is a slower way of replenishing nutrients, and maybe why you are not seeing the quick green-up that you were hoping for. In autumn when the plant is fully mature and ready for harvest, your plant will show more yellow leaves, telling you she is ready for harvest. Looks like you are taking good care of it - keep it up.
  4. Thanks that is great to know. I feel a lot better now. In your opinion should I leave the dieing leaves on the plant til they fall off naturally or should I pluck them once I can tell they are going to be dieing?
  5. That plant looks healthy, It may yellow more leafs then a normal plant because it need's lots of nutrients right now as it looks like it just started budding. Adding soil that has nutrients to your exsisting soil and watering it isn't really going to help the plant pick up nutrients. You really should buy a bloom booster. I use Crystal Burst Humboldts Own, It's 0-15-15

    Just think of it this way that plant is having baby ( AKA BUDS) It need's lots of food ( AKA Nutrients) to support that baby.

    Liquid feed is really the best over say a compost to make tea with, I use a Tea mix that's 2-20-10 by Age Old Organics it works, But you notice a difference fast with liquid feed.

    For the $20-40 you spend on nutrients you'll easily make that money back on more quality nugs and larger nugs
  6. she's lookin good. Yellowing during flowering is normal - look at one of my plants from last fall:


    ... as you can see, heavy yellowing during flowering. This one was almost ready to chop.
  7. leaves do expire like that, is that patio blazing hot?

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