Yellowing leafs during flower

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  1. Hello I’m growing a auto flower that’s a little less than 3months the old now , and yes I know it looks bad but it’s my first grow , I’m having a problem where most of the big leafs are getting yellow . Even on the new leafs for bud sites, I wanted to know if I can cut them out and if that will benefit the plant because I already took out alot of fan leafs and yellowing leafs but I don’t wanna stress it out more / kill it not knowing if I’m taking off to much or to little leafs .It’s already a small plant and I don’t expect much out of it I just wanted to see if I can get it to grow Considering it’s my first time. Thanks for the help any other tips would be appreciated also sorry for the bad camera quality my camera is cracked .[​IMG]

    This is one week ago it wasn’t yellowing nearly as much not sure if it’s because it’s close to harvest .
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  2. Nice honest thread ...welcome to GC

    standard nute burn ...try this Nutrient Burn

    good luck
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