Yellowing leaf tips, wierd curl to them

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    So Im at work, I cant get pics right now. This is pretty much a question. My biggest seedling is 2 weeks and 2 days in to growth. Already 4th set of leaves is coming in. I replanted them from small jiffy pots to bigger pots. The bottom leaves however were resting on the FFOF soil because I planted a tad deep. When I watered them the soil built up on the surface, got the two botton leaves wet, and now each leaf is pretty damn yellow.

    First two weeks of life I didn't give them anything but plain water. I have since transferred to FFOF and dont plan on feeding nutes until around week 4-5. I only have tiger bloom/big bloom and the other three (cha ching, open sesame, and beastie bloomz)

    Is it very possible that these leaves burnt from sitting in fertalized water for a second or two? I thought this was the cause and have since slid small pieces of index cards under them so they are not resting directly on the soil.


    edit: started in jiffy seed starting mix, moved to ffof after ~2 weeks (I think it was 11 days)

    haven't had a chance to measure ph...still waiting on my pen to get here in the mail (sigh) scared this is the main problem.

    Oh and another thing the plant is probably....2 inches tall with 3 sets of leaves (4th on its way). Is this normal? It seems a bit short for that many sets of leaves lol

    edit again: using cfls. 6500k. Right now I have 6 in there, temps stay around 75-80. I dont think its physical burning.
  2. My 1st set of leaves turned yellow too bud.... But look at them all it should be fine bud

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  3. Not to worry...

    Those first leaves take the brunt of punishment
    and sacrifice themselves for the plant.

    Sometimes FFOF soil is too hot for seedlings/young plants.
    Keep a watch out for upwards progression.

    Its a good idea to have a Ph meter.

  4. thanks for the responses . It doesnt seem to be spreading. My one plant is tiny, and hasnt grown in a week. I think its a runt and its stunted. Ive since started a ch 9 jack seed that Im going to grow along with this bagseed. Well see how it all goes, thanks again. Ill have to keep an eye out that it doesnt move upward. I think once the roots spread out in to the ffof I think well be good :cool:

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