Yellowing halfway through flower

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  1. errr. Had a problem with too much n at fist, is this a sign of not enough?


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  2. How far are the in? During flowering your obviously gonna notice this a little big but this does look a little bit extreme compared to the average case. I would feed her just half str or full str then wait a few days and see how that is.
  3. Not very, it would seem. Me, personally......I would just give them a light feeding of grow nutes
  4. Looks like you've had nute burn and then probably flushed them? It also looks fairly large. I reckon there's probably a bit of general micro-nutrient deficiency, it probably needs a couple of light feeds with grow/micro nutes to perk it up a bit. If it's really root bound it will be a bit more tricky to sort out. I'd be inclined to give a calmag boost extra to the grow nutes if possible, or at least a couple of teaspoons of epsom salts dissolved in the next watering.

    It's also possible it looks crappy because it's been overwatered, but only you can know if the soil is still wet or not.

    This is very general though. It would be helpful to know what you've been using to feed them and if you did flush them.
  5. Next time take a flash picture with the HID off and we can get a truer look at the plant.. Shoot the pic a minute before lights on or after lights off

  6. they are five maybe six weeks in. Ice, book says about an eight week flower. I've been using general hydroponics nutes. And yes they got a little bruned at first. So I switched to using just water and a pk mix. I'm thinkn there might be a problem with the roots, for the size of the pot I did not expect them to get so big. They were a little droopy the day before. All of a sudden started sucking water like crazy. I did put a little n in my last feeding. Where can I find epepsom salt, I'd like to try that also. New pic at around seven when the lights go out
  7. LST next time. There is no possible way for any other cola to get the right amount of light with that one being so tall.

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  8. Can get Epsom salt at like any pharmacy or 711
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    seems to be getting worse doesn't seem to affect the bud,.. Yet

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  10. new pixk

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  11. [​IMG]

    With only about 2 weeks to go she looks ok.. Nothing much you can do this late in flower is going to show any improvement as she's just to near done.. It's normal enough near the end for many strains to start sloughing off the big fans..
    I'd take some pliers to that main cola stem and crush it for about 6 or 12 inches and fold her over.. That'll let you drop your light and bulk up all the short colas.. Crushing it will let it flex without actually breaking and nutes and fluids will still flow past the crushed area.. I've used it on late flowering sativas that kept topping the fence and could be seen from the street.. Doesn't hurt them in fact you'll likely have to tie that top over to keep it from trying to stand back up in spite of the damage..
  12. Lol gonna be a rough 2 weeks but she'll pull through
  13. boy, now I left the bedroom light on till 4am... Post another pick in a week.
  14. Might go herm
  15. Do they turn this far in? I been having some big temp fluctuations coming into week six of flower , need I worry?
  16. The question is not how late in they herm, but how long will have the plant have to put into producing seeds. If it hermies 2 days before harvest then clearly not much energy would have been diverted into seed production instead of bud productions. It's all about use of energy.
  17. You have obvious nute burn going on pretty bad all over the plant. Before you grow another one, invest in a ppm tester pen. They're less than $20 and at least you'll know how strong or weak the nutrient solution you're planning to give them is. At this point, pretty much nothing you're going to do will make any difference. At this point, I would just give plain water from here on out sort of in an attempt to flush out some of the chemicals you've overused. Do you pH the liquids going into the plants? If not and the water is out of range, you've probably got root lock up and the plant hasn't been able to take in nutrition. However, some yellowing is normal toward the end of flower and judging by the overall look of the plant, you're not in too bad a shape with this one. Just finish it out and harvest and try to do better on the next one you grow. In the meantime, get on the new grower threads here and do a bunch of reading. You need to get the very basics of growing these things down so you'll understand more what's going on at what point in their lives and understand how to deal with it. The more you grow, the easier it gets and the more sense it makes. So just plant some more seeds! TWW
  18. always planting :). She did get some color back. Gonna be interesting how the buds grow with all the leaves I lost... Advanced pruning technique. Lol. Thanks for the pointers fellas. I really like the strain so fingers crossed for some more weight these next couple weeks.
  19. with the lack of leaves do I continue to use pk to make up for what the leave would have put out
  20. Couple days later buds still swelling all new growth is green. I think I side stepped a major issue. Not the prettiest girl but I'd take her home at bar close


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