Yellowing growth/leaf problems flush or feed?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by patientcrunch, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Hey GC the lower leaves of my plant have splotches and are dieing and turned dark green and some have the claw but the tops are turning lighter I'm confused should I feed more or flush? I just fed it 200ppm Floranova bloom a couple days ago for the first time cause I saw this starting to happen and its been in ffof for a month now

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  2. What stage of the grow are you in?

    Veg? Flower?
  3. Flowering day 7 today
  4. OK. If it's only the lower leaves I would say that is normal.

    But clawing and dark green could be nute burn.

    What is everything the plant is getting nute wise?
  5. I just feed it plain rain water normally and I did add a few tablespoons of dolomite lime last week thinking it would help. Its been in the Fox farms ocean forest soil since i got it as a clone a month ago so I mixed in 200ppm of the Floranova bloom with my rain water a couple days ago to feed it. Have noticed that bigger fan leaf covering the top in the middle looking somewhat off the veins are dark but otherwise just the lowers getting the splotching and the claw seems to be random on it.

    I was just thinking the yellowing meant it wanted more but then the claw would be too much so not sure but thats why I only gave it 200.

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