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Yellowing Fan leaves???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by headstash83, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Today is day 36 of bloom cycle for my ladies. All are in soil pots. A few grow bags and a few super pots. I have been giving them BC Boost and Bloom, PK 13 14, Floralicious Plus once a week, and Great White once a week now. The flowers are in good shape and seem to be growing pretty rapidly so im doing somthing right, but each day i find myself pulling off fan leaves that are yellowing. Most are in the middle and arent recieving a whole lot of light so they are not getting burnt. Im keeping my nutrient water at at Ph around 6.5. I just want to know what i could give them to keep those leaves in good health or if i need to just give them straight water for a few days. Im just in need of some advise from some more expirenced persons. The strains are.. The Void from TGA Subcool, Agent Orange TGA, Reseva Privada OG x18, and The Church. Its a good variety. They were all mothers and i am moving so i decided to bloom them all and start over fresh. Thanks
  2. can you give the amounts of what you are using?
  3. Low doses of everything. I went up on the boost and bloom from 2tsp/gal to 3, the PK13 14 1tsp/gal. Maybe .25mil of the Fl+. Also giving them Cal Mag 1tsp/gal at least twice a week. I just dont want to over do it you know. I have them in Happy Frog soil too if that helps any. It is now day 40 so time is tickin. Any advice at all would help as far as anything else i can add of if i need to take something out of the mix. Imgettin better and better each time and this cold weather is definately helping with temp control. I am also foler spraying them with Humbolt Purple Maxx. I;ve heard good things about it. They are in a 6x4 closet with a 600w on each side so plenty of light. Thats it. Any advice would grately be appreciated. Smoke on!!
  4. Do you have some pics for us? Grab some of the problem areas as well as the entire plant.

    Is this the same nutrient program you've been using for other grows where they weren't dropping leaves or is it a new setup? It sounds like an N deficiency... as a whole it seems there is enough in what you are giving them, but maybe these old mothers are hungry for more? Another thought is that you have a buildup in your soil and it could use a good leeching with 3X's the volume of water for each pot. So if the container is the Gallons you need to flush with 9. It could be that the elevated levels of P and K are messing with the uptake of N. If the formula you are using has worked before i would think salt buildup.

    I try to maintain a nice balance of nutes throughout the grow; into heavy flowering going a bit lighter on the N and a boost of K and Mg, but still nothing drastic. If the plants start feeding off of themselves looking for Nitrogen, they'll use energy to try and replace those leaves instead of putting it all towards flowering. It's a fail-safe defense mechanism to protect against starvation, not a "normal" occurrence as many would like to believe.

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