Yellowing, dying tips, and insects

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  1. This is my first grow. I have 8 feminized big bud seedlings. They are almost 5 weeks old. They are slow growing and now have small flying insects. They're under 3 120 watt basic lights from home depot. I used an organic soil, I'll soon be getting nutrients in the mail. I'm very new to this. Any ideas what I could change to improve their health? Let me know if I can provide more information. Thank you!


    Sorry if this is similar to a million of

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  2. I'm no expert, but the bug looks like maybe a Fungus Gnat?

    Also, your plant looks like its stretching pretty hard for that light, try lowering it a bit closer.

    And what type of soil did you use specifically? Because it looks like your leaf tips got a little nute I'm interested to see what nutrients, if any, came premixed.

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  3. Transplant them into better soil with added perlite. Water when pots are dry. Most likely fungus gnats. You're going to need a lot more light as well. You don't have enough for one.
  4. I was thinking Fungus Gnat. This is the soil I used:

    It has a low NPK, you're probably right on the nute burn. What do you use for nutrients?

    Thank you for your help!
  5. Thanks for your help!
    I will definitely be transplanting with perlite.
    How much light do you recommend?
  6. You need to transplant it into soil with drainage. You can add perlite to the soil you already have on hand.

    You most likly have fungus gnats becuz your soil is staying wet. Sticky traps and mostique bits are the way to go. Sprinkle the mostique bits onto of soil and water as normal. I place sticky traps flat onto soil.
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  7. When you start new plants in a big container of soil it's going to seem like they're growing slowly. They build the root system first and the more soil they have to do it in, the longer it takes. Most new growers who haven't done their homework and don't know how the plant actually grows, think a plant has stopped growing at this point. Actually, it's working it's butt off below soil level to put a root system in place. So most people start to water their plant and feed it and end up doing more damage than good. You just have to be patient at this point if you want your plant to be healthy, and wait for it to do it's thing. Rate of growth is also directly related to quality of light. A very young seedling needs more heat than light, but once it's developed roots and starts putting on new growth, the better wattage you give it, the better growth you get. Your Home Depot bulbs will make the plant grow, but unless you get enough wattage in there to handle 6 plants, all your plants are going to be lanky and weak because they'll constantly be stretching to try and get more light. If you want to run 6 plants, better have some money to spend on lighting. Through veg, you can get away with CFLs.....we use T5s to veg with simply because they're cool. Would prefer HID but don't want to have to install more ducting, fans, etc. But when it comes time to flower, every one of those 6 plants needs the same high wattage/high quality (proper spectrum for flowering a plant) flower lighting with even coverage over all. If you have to hang your light at ceiling level just to cover all the plants you're flowering, you have way too many. We flower with 1000 watt HPS lamps but only flower 2 per lamp. Giving each plant big wattage of correct lighting for flower and giving them all enough space to spread during the cycle so light can penetrate the canopy of the plant, is going to get you the best yields. You determine how many plants you can flower by the flower lighting you have available...not space you have to stick plants. A plant that doesn't get adequate lighting will not develop out properly. If I were you, I would take a couple of those plants and work on them and plan to flower them. But if you don't have strong enough light to flower 2 plants (and the lowest I would think about would be a 600 watt lamp and even that really would do a single plant better than 2), you need to concentrate on one. You will always get a better harvest from a plant that gets all the high wattage/high quality light it needs and plenty of space for light to penetrate the canopy, than you would get by flowering 3 plants in the same space. Crowding up plants under a lamp just shades out growth.

    Nutes do not grow plants...light does. Until your plants have used up the nutrition in the soil they're growing in, pouring more chemicals in will only burn them up. Just responded to a thread where a guy had 3 big pretty plants and decided to fertilize them and today they are crispy dead. Before you start using nutes, it would be wise to do some reading up on the plant and it's cycles of life and what it needs during each. Apparently he was using the "seat of the pants" method to grow...which is not recommended. Any information you could possibly need is already here on the forum. Use the search bar at the top of the "forums" page to pull threads related to a key word or subject you need to know about. YouTube is another great resource for "how to grow" info. But if you want to be successful with the indoor grow, you've got to put the time in to learn how to do it....preferably before you get plants. Most get plants, screw them up and then realize they should've done some reading before they started. My guess is over watering since that's the #1 killer of plants by new growers. They require defined wet/dry cycles and you have to let them dry out between watering episodes to keep them healthy. Until you can lift the container the plant is growing in and feel no weight, there is still water in the soil. You don't water again until they dry out....regardless of how many days or weeks it takes. A young plant uses water at a much much slower rate than an older, more mature plant.....back to starting out a seedling in a huge container of soil. They mature much faster if you start them in something like Solo cups (small amount of soil speeds up root formation and gets plant back to growing foliage sooner) and transplanting up into larger containers with fresh soil when they outgrow the cups. Each time you repot into fresh soil the nutrition has been resupplied for the plant since fresh soil is loaded with nutrition (nutes). Concentrate much more on light than nutes and you'll end up with a much better harvest. Good luck. TWW
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  8. Wow, thank you so much for such a detailed reply! I think I have been over watering, and definitely need better lights. And next time I will definitely start in smaller pots! I will be doing tons of research today. Thank you again!

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