Yellowing during veg

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  2. Hi .. i wud say a potassium def. But do a flush and check ph on run off . This may make it more clear wats wrong. I also looked and thought cal def due to brown egdes and spots . They are simular!! Too much potasiun can cause cal def .. wat nutes if any are ya feeding? I really wud get a ph tester love as it cud be something simple like high/low ph blocking nutes etc that shows ya deficiencies. If giving nutes then give em half dose wen flush. Yr temp seems ok as i too stick at 72-74^ . ... like i say check yr ph and run off. This will help resolve problem. Hope this helps. Good luck. Let me no how ya get on xxxx
  3. Hi Kym,

    I didn't do a flush but I did giver her a good watering with about 3 L plain tap water. I checked the pH ( think the probe is kinda working) and it was about 6.7 I think spray should be ok.

    The brown edges you refer to are actually purple- think the camera does not pick it up well!

    I wonder if the topping I did has anything to do with it?..

    Will check again today at lights on but I think newer growth may be green so maybe she is recovering.

    Update to come

    Thank you for your input.

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  4. The stems are looking kinda purple which is the start of a potassium deficiency unless he strain's genetics is like that but since the leaves are also showing K def I would add a K supplement or add more nutrients to your next feeding

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