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    I am having issues with my plants yellowing. Ive checked the ph of the water, to make sure they are not getting nutrient lock, assuming the soil ph is okay because its from BAS. I have checked the soil ph with a cheap 3-1 (moisture, light, and ph) meter, but its very touchy and I don’t think its very reliable. So far, this has not happened to every plant.
    The only other trouble I am having is some curling, not always in conjunction with yellowing.

    Set Up:
    TopoGrow 2-1 tent. 3’x3’ for veg area
    5 different strains
    VIPARSPECTRA 900 watt LED running at 100%, which is the veg setting
    They were @ 100% for about 4 weeks, and were looking great. One yellowed pretty quick, and within a day or two I noticed another one starting to yellow. I just turned the light down to 60%
    In BAS 3.0 in 3gal grow bags/aeration fabric pots
    Water with RO Water balanced down to 6.5 with a ph kit & digital tester
    Mild tea with EWC, kelp, molasses, at a 1:5 (tea to RO) every 4thwater
    Regular pruning
    Temp between 70-80 F
    Humidity between 40-60%

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  2. BAS soil should be good, I would say it's pot size, I would get them in 20-30 gallon pots or at least 15 gallon.
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