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  1. Greetings,
    First time growing and Im having a blast. A little bit of concern though. I've noticed on two of my plants that my second set of real leaves that they have come in kinda pale and yellow. The third plant looks pretty green but it has some curling and the very tips are yellow and it has been a bit slower on growth.
    So im on day 12 of growing in a four by four tent under 600 watt MH. The temps and PH were a little high the first couple of days but have been corrected. I'm currently able to keep the temps between 70 at night and 77 for a high during the day. I'm doing DWC in 5 gallon buckets with new rinsed hydroton. The PH is now 6.4 give or take .1 in all three. I'm using Fox Farm and have been following there feeding schedule of two tsp/gallon of bloom one tsp/gallon of grow. Ive read here that some don't feed at all the first couple of weeks but i thought I would go with what the food manufacture suggested for their product.

    Also as a side note, I started with four seedlings but the fourth didnt make it. I bought the beans from MOC . Two Zensations, Two Carnival. I marked them to begin with but when I transplanted them to the buckets I mixed them up and have no idea who is who at this point lol.

    Any help is much appreciated



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  2. you should be able to tell which it is at budset, or even after harvest.... especailly if they are different genetic ratio's of indica/sativa

    about your problem, the yellowing at the growing tip usually is asking for a bit more nitrogen. So, using more of the grow nutrient might help there. especially considering your using a high quality light. Just keep it at a safe distance (at least 18'' i think) until they have a more established leaf canopy (4th node +-).
  3. Thanks! I'll add some more nutes to the soup today.

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