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    If u can see in the picture one of the smaller leaves is turning yellowish brown. It shouldnt be a heat burn issue cause im using fluros but i think it might be a pH problem. Its about 2 weeks old bagseed, any help would be beneficial...thanks.
  2. Whats the run-off pH?
    What how often and when do you feed it?
  3. I havent tested the pH of the run-off yet but i know my city water is very alkaline and that is what i saturated the soil in when i first planted it. I havent watered it since and i havent used any nutrients.
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    What kind of soil are you using? There shouldn't be much of a Ph problem yet, even your tap water shouldn't cause much. I was wondering if you are by chance using Miracle Gro potting soil, its time release ferts could cause a burn problem. Could be a nute deficiency too.
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    I dont remember the name of the potting soil i used but i know it wasnt miracle grow. and it only had small amounts of nutes in it already. but it is starting to spread now so i need to figure something out, here is an updated pic. Im going to borrow some pH testers tonight from a buddy n see what the runoff is.
  6. there is there fertilizer that has bat shit in it and i cant remeber what its called but thats what i used and my mother plant was almost 5 feet tall with buds on them about a foot long. with a high pressure sodium light and mirorrs around it and a fan. and i used distilled water.
  7. transplant into something less hot and it looks heat stressed in some way. Notice some of the leaves canoed.
  8. Even if you dont transplant, you need to give it a good flush. It will help neutralize the time release ferts in there.

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