Yellowing and dying leaves, flowering cycle.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Iscariot, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. My plant is two weeks into flowering (female) and recently a week or so, some of its bottom leaves have been dying off, the PH is around the right place and i'm feeding it the proper amounts of nutrients.

    suspected a N deffiency but that doesn't really equal with its PH or the nutes i've been handing it.

    was having this problem then it halted for awhile, i've watered it with only water the last time or two, though only after this problem started.

    Is it natural for a 2foot + plant to have its bottom leaves die off (some of them?) not enough light?

    Or should I examine this problem in fuller detail?
  2. First suggestion I would offer bro is keep reading whatever you can get your hands on. The problem with asking questions on an open forum is that not everyone will view your questions in the same spirit they were offered and asked. One point I can't stress to you enough is that your questions have already been asked and answered so don't be afraid to do some research in really old threads, but I know how tough it is in the beginning. You get stressed out about how your plant's acting (I used to lose sleep) and you start looking for a quick fix. The only problem with that is your plants won't react to soil adjustments for at least a week. Also, it sounds like you were over fertilizing your plants. I didn't over fertilized in my last grow because I didn't fertilize her at all. The organic soil I was using was sufficient to keep my girl through transplants, vegging, and flower. Chemical fertilizers must be utilized with such exacting specifications that I would only recommend them to the experienced gardener. Mother nature gets it right ever time, why fuck with a winning equation?

    Lastly: In plant health there are so many factors to be considered when assessing their respective conditions.

    - Type of soil
    - PH levels
    - Type of water: distilled, RO, rain water, or tap
    - Type of lights and intensity
    - General environment
    - Type of nutes and at what volume are they being applied
    - Etc.

    I could offer an opinion as to what I think your plant is suffering from but without pics and a more detailed description of your grow that'll be very problematic. With that said I'll close by saying enjoy your grow because you have a lot of courage to carry it out.

    Stay green.
  3. Ok, so I understand that I need to transplant, I'm sure the party cups are rootbound. How do I do this? Cut the cup? My plants are about 16" tall...HELP! I'm a newbie, so be gentle...

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