Yellowing and browning of leaves..

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  1. I just recently started my DWC res I got a decent seedling I have been growing thats feminized Ice Kush I am planning on cloning once it gets big enough. I am extremely new to growing as well I posted awhile back about the set up I was making. I have everything set up seedling is grown large enough to put into the res.. My problem is that after being in there 3 days its beginning to have light green and yellowish leaves. The biggest leaves are not only turning yellow but have brown spots in the center as well. I dont think its too much light as I have a 400w hps thats about 8-10 inches from the plant. I did recently start its 1st week of nutes I am using the Foxfarm nutes I set up 5 gallons worth using the tsp per gallon measurements. Ph is 6.5 a little high im sure.. I also have the drip tube pretty close to the plant in the medium as you can see in the picture I am about to post. Whats your opinion? too close to the light? too much water? too soon for nutes and possibly nute burn or PH issues? Thanks in advance I have read on what the possible causes could be but I dont want to make too many changes and not be able to single out what exactly is going on.
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    Let me know if you would like more detailed pictures of the set up or if you would like a better pic of the plant..
  3. To play it safe and from what I read you want to use more of a 1/4 nute mix rather than the whats reccomended so I cut the nutes down to 1/4 just now I also put a fan in there in case it was a heat issue.
  4. From what I seems like too much light or heat...and over watering...can cause that...
  5. I moved the light up anyway and like i said earlier decrease the nutrients I used.. The leaves that had the spots are now withered very badly. the rest of the plant looks okay I am hoping there is a major improvement tomorrow..

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