yellowing 5-6 weeks into flowering,help plz

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  1. Its the upper fan leaves and some of the flower leaves, if it wasnt the flower leaves id think it was just shedding its fan leaves, but some flower leaves are yellowing so its either a deficiency or i burned with nutes. Im using Fox farm liquids and did just feed it about 1/3 of a normal feeding because i didnt wana over do it but i guess it might have needed more but idk. They have also had some fungus gnats which ive been trying to deal with.

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  2. ^^^ id say pic 5 of 7 shows it the best
  3. You sure this isnt the normal yellowing that comes with flowering?
  4. I'm NotSure... but i think i agree wit NotI... lol

    notsure if you got that from the movie but i couldn't resist.

    but seriously i think your plants look fine. they are using the nutes from your leaves to fill out those nuggets
  5. Are they still drinking? If so that means they are growing. Got enough light? drain to waste? Using a pH meter? In other words are all the basics covered?
    Buds look OK, Truely, I have never figured out why sometimes a few leaves, or a lot, will just start to look crappy. Experience helps to narrow down the causes for sure, but sometimes....
    Leaves will yellow near the end. If you have several containers you can try altering your feed a bit in one at a time and observing results. The results will be in any new leaves, not the old ones.
    One time someone told me not to worry too much about the leaves near the end of the flowering cycle becasue you are after the buds, not the leaves.

  6. The basics are covered , i was just worried about the flower leaves yellowing, but i know the fan leaf yellowing is normal.
  7. I wouldn't be worried with what I'm seeing.

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  8. Here are some updated pics, the buds on the girl with the most yellowing on flower leaves arn't filling out as much compared to the other plant i have that isnt as yellow but the buds are much larger, and they are both clones from the same plant. so im pretty sure yellowing on flower leaves = poor nug growth. any ideas anyone?

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  9. low phosphorus or nitrogen?
  10. Having just been through this same thing and having an entire outdoor grow DECIMATED in the same fashion, what your girls are dealing with is one of the variations of the Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Please check the TMV thread just up from your posts. The main identifiers are that you've checked the basics which are fine and most important the yellowing of the bud and sugar leaves started at 4-5 weeks into flower. Check it out asap, because one of the worst factors in this highly contagious disease is that everything will appear completely healthy during clone/veg, and unknowingly hooking a friend up with an infected plant will destroy any further outdoor grows and make an indoor room into nothing more than VERY expensive firewood! The virus will lay dormant for up to 50+ years, and a microscopic root or leaf fragment can contain over 200,000 viral "rods" just "waiting" for a gnat, mite or even circulating fan to come into contact with any fresh plants. I really HATE giving any grower this diagnosis, due to the devastating nature of TMV, but on the TMV thread there are ways of testing for the virii.
  11. I think you could be onto something here. The buds have started to yellow too and they turn powdery dry , which the leaves are already like only past the ]yellow stage now brown., so i might be harvesting a triple og kush very early haha. there are some hairs receding so it might be decent. Im going to read up on the virus some more to be sure before i chop her but i think it might be exactly that. Thanks for the reminder of germ infection in plants haha, it would have taken me a while to come to that conclusion hahah.

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