Yellowed Leaves

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm attaching several pictures of my plants.
    They're a little over a month old.
    They are in 4" pots with Happy Frog Soil - I did put a tiny bit of Kelp & Azomite in the bottom of the pots - other than that, just Happy Frog........NO NUTES.
    I've got some Super Soil brewing in buckets in my basement. It's an organic grow.
    Because it's 100% Happy Frog, I doubt very seriously it's a PH issue.
    I bought a PH Probe from the local grow store - but either it's not working, or I have to be "Bill Nigh the Science Guy" to get a reading. I plan on returning it. Shit, isn't there some things you just stick in the soil, and can get a reading??? But, I'm 99% sure it's not PH.
    One of my friends said he was 99% certain I was over-watering. This would actually make sense, cause I know I was watering way too much.
    Would just like any other opinions.




  2. I would start this adventure by repotting those plants into bigger pots, if those are a month old I'm doing something right as my 3 week old seedlings are 2x there size. Though I started mine off in the pots I finish with.
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  3. Repot is right
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  4. Thanks, guys.
    I had already started re-potting the biggest ones, and will continue to do the rest.
    Makes a lot of sense.
    Thanks You!

  5. When you repot it is truly to water less. Cause that’s what’s wrong with my plant and it’s yellowing similarly

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  6. Thanks.
    I'm putting 2+2 together.
    The smaller (younger) plants are all green, and look great.
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