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Yellow worms?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankachusetts42, May 12, 2011.

  1. found a yellow worm in a gram of kb what should i do? i killed it
  2. Throw that shit away bro seriously theirs probaly millions of worm eggs and they will hatch and grow inside of your body
  3. It's like the worm in tequila. You should have smoked it.
  4. Okay everyone be completly honest im freaking out come on? what will happen if i make sure there is no more
  5. [​IMG]

    If it resembles this you are fucked.

    Just kidding they are harmless, but still disgusting.
  6. So this is okay? no worm eggs?
  7. just smoke it . man up . you paid for that weed , damn it , smoke it !
  8. Did it look like the ones in the picture? Just curious lol.

    And no a worm would not leave its eggs in a dank bud, nor would it be able to wiggle its way inside of it.
  9. Just smoke it, it's not like any kind of living creature is going to survive being burned, turned into a gas, then breathed in lol
  10. Anything you inhale you just killed with fire. Smoke your weed man.
  11. I couldn't smoke that, just try to sell it to someone, what they don't know won't hurt them.
  12. THC worm, smoke it! It's full of THC goodness.

    Not really.
  13. I was joking theirs probaly no eggs, but still, you might be inhaling burnt worms
  14. lol ight im jus buggin out cuz i only bagged it up then smoked less then .3 earlier of it ( i had other shyt too) but then i was sitting here looking at it about 2 break it up i was tippen it upside down and plop it went on my laptop i was bugging for so long
  15. I smoked moldy weed over 2 times, and it tasted like raw metal, still got high, go ahead man.
  16. Get a new guy...
  17. thats fucking weird, how the hell did you get a worm in your weed. I wouldn't smoke that shit...You should probably be careful where you get your weed from
  18. It's a secret agent mann...

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