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  1. Strain: Pot-of Gold
    Type: Clone
    Age: 3 and 1/2 weeks
    Soiless medium: Sunshine 4, small amount of lime, earthwork castings, peralite
    Light: 400watt hps 24/0 hr

    Problem: Some middle age leaves are turning brown on thr fringes (outside), and loossing the green color from the outside and making its way to the middle of the leaf. Also the stems of 2 leaves and 2 branches are turning purple. I can see the veins of some the leaves also turning yellow.

    please help, pics to follow later today.

    also no other plants are showing this strain and I can't think of anything i have done different to them.???

    -Worried Grower
  2. sounds like you have defeciencies

    when you post the pics also include the ferts your using amounts and frequency
    complete a soil runoff PH test.......
    with PH corrected water (6.5-6.8PH ) pour enough water in the pots so the water runs out the bottom of the pot ...collect & test the PH of this runoff both the watering going in the pots and the runoff ph
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  3. will do that later this evening ( mountain time)...have a few classes
  4. I did the runoff test. pH seems to be a-okay across the boards. 7.0 pH before and 6.8 during runoff. I use Botanicare pure blend progro, liquid karma, and every now and then i throw some Advanced Nutrients Revive in the mix to keep the deficiencies at bay. I use less then the directed amount so I dont get nutrient lock.

    please help this problem seems to be spreading to another plant!!!!!

    I really dont wanna loose these bomb strains.
  5. pics still is gettig fixed.

    but i did realize something. since I use sunshine 4, and that is a soilless mix, my pH level should be around this correct? Currently it is around 7.0. I also got some epson salt and some stuff to get the iron in check. i am going to flush like your awesome video on your website showed and hopefully post pics after. also in the last bucket of the flush can I add the epson salt ? should I add epson salt and my nutrients at 50% together?

    awesome video's by the way
  6. 5.8 - 6.0PH for soiless is optimum

    just get the PH in optimum range and the nutes will become available, that are alreading in the soil

    add nothing but 1/4 strength ferts till you
    check your ferts to see that they not only have NPK values but that they also contain micros nutes ( copper, mag, iron etc etc etc )
  7. okay okay....also, this may sound stupid and I know i could search and find the answer but time is of the essence, how do I check the NPK vaules of the nutes? i only have a pH and a ppm meter. thanks again your a GANJA GOD
  8. look on the label of your fertilizer box, it will list the NPK
  9. oohhh...i thought you meant I should use a meter to actually measure the NPK values and the mag, iron....gotcha

    so i did the flush and i realize i need a better pH meter.

    How do you measure pH in a soilless media such as sunshine 4? what type of meter?

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