Yellow Transformers

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  1. Picked up 20 of these yellow transformers or aka Bumblebees.:hello: They are a nice roller coaster ride the whole night with one pill lasting around 4 to 5 hours. Was kinda scared because the last time I bought Transformers they were a bust but these are a lot better. I was hoping to be able to get more star shaped runs as they made you roll mad face. Sorry for the crappy pic am using a cell phone. :rolleyes:

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  2. i got some yellow transformers now that are BOMB! but they are circle with a transformer imprinted in the middle, i stay away from the shaped ones only cuz i aint trying to test my luck:smoke:
  3. yea based on like one polive report people think shaped ones are bunk. However, they seem bombbbb now
  4. It's not just that, I personally heard almost all of those were bunk from people who do a lot of E, before that report ever came out
  5. i've had purple transformers like that :D took them with these orange ones that had a guy takin a dump on em :hello:
  6. yup. had some myself and they were shit. Had some previously (about a month before that, assumed they were the same) that were good though so it kinda surprised me.
  7. Yea im in MA too and my buddy has a bunch of those, he said there fuckin bomb but i havent bought any because of the pill reports and because im kinda broke
  8. i had about three of these the other night and rolled for about four or five hours. Then i just felt methed out, couldn't sleep, and felt shitty the next day
  9. or maybe PIPES?
  10. what're pipes? i've heard of them but i don't really know what they are
  11. alot of people that i know who bought these and used tests on them came out as pipes atleast in vegas they are.

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