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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by scihead, May 15, 2002.

  1. I have just begun to notice that the tips of my plants' leaves are brownish-yellow. What could this mean? I should mention two things: i don't believe the light is too close or hot and most importantly i just transplanted them three nights ago. they are clones about 6" tall. are they dying or just in a little bit of shock from the car ride and transplant?
  2. regarding my ladt message, what could it be? I have a lot of $ invested.
  3. Are they rooted clones? transplant shock may be a reason,,but it's likely to go away as clones grow,,don't overwater..are the greening up(growing) at the top?

  4. it could be over fertlizing as well, try to flush em, just plain water for a few days and see if that helps.
    and it very well could be shock.
  5. Ndica, thank you for replying. To answer your question, yes they are rooted clones and they are still growing at what seems to be a steady pace. How often would you water? Mind you, they are in a small room 3.5' wide 12' long and not too high. The temp stays between 85 degrees and 95. The soil medium consists of Miracle gro and vermiculite. 4:1. Any other helpful hints? I'm a first timer, but unlike many others i have researched the hell outta this. thanks
  6. Miracle gro salt burn aka overfertilizing.

    When you said miracle gro you said the answer.

  7. That's for sure..........Are the tips curling under?....

  8. My soil I have chosen to grow them in is Miracle Gro Enriched potting mix. Every three-four days we water with 1 gallon water to a quarter of a teaspoon of MaxiGro (10-5-14). Should I use just filtered water every other watering time? What about PH down acid? Everyone seems to have their own ideas. Does anyone know anything about CO2 setups?

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