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  1. Ganja I need ya on this one bro. Whats this an early sign of...calcium lockout or deficiency?

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  2. you are now at one with calcium grasshopper :D

    very good, calcium def

    what strain is that, I'd like to see it when its finished OK?

    check your nutes to see if they contain calcium,

    calmag is great, or crush a spoonfull of dolomite lime add to a gallon of water and water, you can also foliar feed for faster action while you wait for the watering affect

    Too much potassium and nitrogen will lock out calcium

    salts buildup can cause trouble for calcium

    calcium does get locked out easily....Calcium gets locked out of soil growing at ph levels of 2.0- 6.3
  3. I am not sure of the strain, the seeds came from some good bags over time. Thanks for confirming the deficiency. When you say calmag, do you mean like the powdered drink!? Its also possible potassium is locking out the calcium. Im using foxfarm Big Bloom at 2 Tbsp/gal and Tiger Bloom at 2 Tsp/gal. Water runoff ph is 6.7.

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