Yellow tips, severe plant burn, please help!

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  1. Hello to all, this is my first post so I hope I got all the details right.

    I'm currently growing 2 plants, the one on the left is a Critical+ feminised and the one on the right is a Blue Widow feminised. The critical is one week older then the widow, that's why it's bigger, I think it's almost 3 weeks old (from seed, not clone).
    I started getting yellow tips a while ago, at first I thought it was the amount of nutes so I cut them in half, but the problem is still going. After that I thought it was a salt buildup on the roots or pellets so I flushed the plant with 1 galon of water, which also didn't help and the burn is still expanding. The temperature is never over 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit). I'm running out of options now.
    The weird thing is that the blue widow is not showing any symptoms, it's perfectly healthy and they share the nutes/light/temperature.
    I always check the PH and make sure that it stays between 5.5 and 6.3
    I'm running them on a 600W HPS light, about 40 inches away for now on an 18/6 cycle.

    The thing is that it looks and feels healthy other than the burn, but clearly something is wrong, the first sets of leaves are almost completely burned (as you can see in the photos)

    I apologize for the long post but I really am desperate.

    Thank you guys!

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  2. Forgot to specify the nutrients brand. I'm using Hydro A/B with a hint of root stimulator.
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    Get some cal/mag or feed them more. I bet you were lightly feeding them in the first place. When you don't feed full strength your plants are missing out on other nutrients and you have to supplement them especially in hydro.
  4. Now feeding full strength. Burn expanding faster. Started getting burns on the blue widow also, on the bottom leaves.

    Please help, I'm watching my babies burn up right in front of me man :(

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  5. could it be the heat? I'm always keeping the AC on but in the last days we have been getting some heat waves and the AC isn't quite pulling its weight. About 2 hours before the lights go off the temperature really climbs and the leaves start drooping (very little) but in the morning they're as stiff as a board.

    Right now I'm blaming this problem on 2 possible scenarios:

    1. Salt buildup on the roots which I didn't properly clean and now it's expanding again
    2. Heat exhaustion from these VERY hot days.

    The fact the the blue widow only started to get the symptoms after I started feeding full strength could point in a direction.

    Waiting for advice, cheers!
  6. Over feeding, I'm no hydro grower, but can see your over feeding, just run plain Ph water through pots for a week or two, sure that would solve your problem
  7. Thanks for that, so just run plain water without any nutrients whatsoever? Won't that kill the plants?

    Also, why do the nutrient companies put that recommended amount when it's clearly too much and will burn the plants. The girls have been tough so far but I can't imagine a weaker plant surviving those burns.

    I'll try to keep the forum updated.

  8. Yeh, I would just Ph the Res, they have enough nutes stored in the leaves for a while, they look over green, other wise they wouldn't be burning, and the company's say use the recommended amount so you use it quicker and make them rich faster,, some strains may well take recommended dosage, I know mine can.
  9. I just realized that going back to full strength nutes was the worst idea ever, the bottom leaves are really messed up now. Am now on water only and they seem to love it :)
    I grew these 2 strains (critical+ and blue widow) because everyone said that they are hardy plants which can take anything, especially the critical. Turns out that they are sensitive girls after all :)

    By the way, I was thinking of a SCROG setup for these 2, do you think it's gonna be ok with that 600W HPS or is it too much?


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