Yellow Tips On Cotyldons

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by diegofagundes, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. The tips of my seedlings cotyldons are a little yellow. Should I b worried?
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  2. Anyone?

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    right off the bat yeah i might worry. My first thought would be overwatering here, your soil looks dense and very wet. When you transplant, add some more aeration in there. but let her dry out a little first right now.
    They will yellow up and die shortly though anyway.
  4. similar situation here - thanks for answering that
    so, it's normal for the cotyldons to turn yellow at a certain stage of growth?
    mine just started going yellow today on a biodiesel mass auto that's been in soil 16 days - the rest of the leaves look good
    at what age or number of leaf sets do the cotyldons usually go away?
  5. after a good 2-3 weeks , the nutes are in the cotyldons from a baby, then they die off requiring proper nutrience to be fed on a weekly to bi weekly status.

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