Yellow Tipped Leaf - Not Sure What To Do (Nute Burn/lockout?) - Please Help

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    Good morning/day/night to all,

    I woke up today to find a small amount (a little smaller than a US quarter) worth of a white, powdery texture on my plants. I didn't necesarily now what it was, but it I replaced the soil in both of my plants just to be sure both plants were okay.

    Anyways, now, one of my leaves on one of my plants is yellowing. Not a huge amount, but enough to get me concerned.

    Anyways, here's the info on my grow.

    (Note: Absolute first time grower here)

    My plants are in 6-8 inch pots.
    Seeds are Nirvana Feminized Autoflowering Northern Lights.
    Currently growing 2 plants. (I don't need much)
    Plants have been vegging for 2-3 weeks now, closer to the 2 week side. I can't recall the exact date I planted them.
    My soil is Schultz Potting Soil Plus, which is 12-9-7.
    I've only been watering the plants with distilled water.
    Ph runoff after watering checks in around 6.6 every time.
    Lights are two 200w CFLs on each plant, for a total of 4 lights - running on a 24 hour light cycle. They're hanging probably about 6-10 inches from the plants. I heard autos are able to soak up light tremendously, but this might be my problem, honestly.
    Humidity is checking in at 45%, not sure whether this is a proper amount or not.

    I'm just a poor college student so I didn't/don't have the money right now for any special nutes/soil that are regularly used, I just wanted to see if I could grow some buds with some regular old soil and tender loving care.

    Again, I'm just looking for help and this is my first grow ever, so please don't overly-criticize or yell at me. I'm just trying to grow some buds. :unsure:

    Anyways, I attached my pictures, and as you can see they look pretty good (at least I think they do, but what do I know) except for that yellow-tipped leaf. I'm pretty worried because these plants were doing really great until today. Perhaps it's nute burn or lockout, or I thought maybe the two CFLs might be a bit much? I'm not quite sure, and that's why I came here.
    If you need any more info, just ask and I'll provide.

    And thanks again guys, really helps to have such a great community on here for questions and tips.

    Edit: Not really sure why my pictures zoom in so much when you click them, but if you open them up in a new tab/window then they're normal sized. Sorry, I didn't edit them or anything so I'm not sure why they came out so huge.

    Also, those aren't pests on the leaves in any of the pics, just new soil from when I took the old soil and threw that old crap out, and put the new soil in. (Just wanted to be clear for you guys/gals)
    <div> DSC_0366.JPG
    <div> DSC_0348.JPG

  2. Anyone out there than can help???
  3. they look alright how old are they
    what lights you useing
    and whay are them weeds in there with them
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    They're about 2 weeks old now.
    I am using two 200w plants per plant, for a total of 4 plants for the whole grow on a 24 hour light cycle.
    And what do you mean about the "weeds in there"??

    Edit: If you're referring to the last picture with those little green things, I'm not sure what those are honestly, they just popped up about a week ago, should I remove them?
  5. yeah last pic remove them all there gonna do os take nutes from soil too 24hr light cycle personally i wouldnt as they need down time bit of darkness id do 18/6 i always use the 18/6 didnt see any difference from 18/6 or 20/4 apart from cheaper energy bill
    200w cfl,led,hid
    of cfl how close are they and is it actual watts
    tho its not a light prob but helps tonhave all info

    have you got a ph reading off last run off ?
    soon you will be able to stat nutes maybe next feed start off real low like 1/4 strength
  6. Woops, sorry man.
    200w CFLs.
    Actual wattage is 40w and they are about 6-10 inches from each plant.
    Ph off of last run was 6.6

    Also, I currently don't have any nutes since I'm a poor college student, so is there any advice you could give me or do I definitely need nutes for the plants to live? There are some nuts in the soil, it's a 12-9-7 mix.

    I have more seeds so if these die I won't necessarily be angry or anything, just disappointed.
  7. no probs get them loght close like 2inch away mate try to get a few more before flower of 2700k you want about 100+actual watts per plant if you can your nutes in soil aint great but they jave came throught and are taking it well you will need nutes obviously money does factor but i got mine for £10 are you uk?
    also that yellow mark just looks like spash mark its not bad youll be ok just get some nutes soon
    if you smoke it already then you have money lol the waybi saw it was what i out in im only gonna get more out started on budhet grow and funds increaced i got more and i built on it over the grow and i got good results next grow even more but on second grow i dont need to spend more on equipment lol
  8. I'm in the US but I'll be able to get some nutes soon because I literally just got a job today, so I'll be able to get nutes in like 1-2 weeks after I get my first paycheck, but I'll be sure to keep the light down to 18/6 or 20/4 and I'll move the lights closer as well like you recommended.

    Thanks again for the help man.
  9. ph is fine btw and they wont die bring them down to 18/6 save ya self some money trust they need dark time and good air movement
  10. if your at 2weeks in next week or so you should see pre flowers thats when u want ya nutes something with little n but high p and k not sure how much it is over there but a sml pot of black strap molassas and 5ml per liter will also help. some p say it doesnt but since it has 0N and good amounts of P and K as well as cal mag and iron and it feed microbes in the soil which convert nutes to make them avaliable to plants i think ot is benificial
    bug when you can get some nice organic bloom nutes for your plant i use a uk brand here keep us updated on ya grow
  11. U can get the black strap molassas @ walmart in the baking section for like $2. As for nutes, look into organic nutes, and make tea's to feed them. Its cheaper than bottled nutes. If you insist on bottles, try the Go Box. Its cheap and should atleast help you.
  12. Yeah man it's nothing to worry about I had the same problems when I splashed some of my water on the leaves that had very little nutes and started to turn the contacted area yellow but its fine! and yeah as loki125 said get them cfl's closer with a small fan blowing on them them to keep them cool so if your plants decide they want to grow lots touching the cfls won't be too much to a problem! 80W per plant is okay just a tad under what is recommended maybe another two 40W bulbs would be handy for flowering but make sure you get red colour spectrum (2700K), you won't over do it haha my 5 plants have 500W of hps in a 2.6ftX2.6ft space and they are fine (also autos) just keep to the basics and you won't go wrong :) 
  13. Wow, thanks for the responses guys. I'll be sure to get some cheap nutes to get in there, and the lights are now right up above them, just like the 2 inches that you guys recommended. Thanks again you guys. I'm not sure why I was freaking out so bad, but I whenever it comes to those plants it's like they're my kids, haha.
  14. I was at the store earlier today to pick up some more distilled water, and I was looking at nutes, and I wasn't sure what to get.

    Nute #1 was 24-8-16
    Nute #2 was 10-54-10
    Nute #3 was 10-15-10
    Nute #4 as 20-20-20

    Anyways, they were all cheap (under $5) and I was unsure which to get, so what would you guys recommend?
  15. Anyone got advice on those 4 nutes?
  16. Bump. Can anyone seriously help me out?
  17. they all see. tad high in did you see tge go box thing tweekz suggested
  18. I saw the Go Box but it's like $40 with shipping online, so I won't be able to get that right away, but I might in the future once my first paycheck comes in. The plant is looking better today and hasn't gotten any worse.
  19. go with 10-15-10 then then when pay check cone get an organic bloom. stat at 1/4 strenth work up slowly :)
  20. The actual NPK numbers of your soil is 0.12-0.09-0.07.
    For autos I would look up what the breeder recommends for light hours. Sofar they don't look bad at all also none of the NPK nute numbers you listed above are good for pot plants. Around 77 degrees is the ideal grow temp indoors with a humidity range of 30% to 50%. Getting nutes with the proper NPK range for pot plants will be far more beneficial for the plants then something that is either to strong or to weak. What are you using to get your PH readings? Try to post some pics in regular light not while under grow lights since they tend to alter the natural color of the plant in pictures. On a side note regarding autos is that you want to start them off in the pot their going to finish out it. I`ve read some posts from a few other growers here who transplanted their autos while they were still pretty young and they started to go into flowering way to early.

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