Yellow Tint to My Pipe?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Crimson Suit, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I just bought this pipe from a friend for 30 bucks and I just cleaned it out all nice. I've notice that it has a blue tint to it but that's probably just the glasswork since it's blue throughout. But also there are yellow spots that dont look like they should be there. Is this just the glasswork or is it something from the usage?
  2. might be just build up from usage id have to see it to make a good judgement
  3. I'd take a picture but it probably wouldnt show up
  4. Could be resin or just the glass. And at least try to take a pic or it's impossible for us to tell exactly what it is.
  5. cant tell without pics
  6. pic upload FAIL^^^^^ lol just joshin man
  7. Haha I know I feel so retarded, usually shit would upload but I guess I've lost it :p
  8. It's color changing, when you smoke you'll see.
  9. uhhhh its just a pipe man leave it alone
  10. its chameleon glass....if u hold it to the light it looks all trippy and wat not...
  11. My pipe is like a bigger version of that one haha. It's a gold color, but when the resin builds up it turns blue
  12. that is ze glass
  13. its gold fumed glass. perfectly normal. it will change color with use:smoking:

    happy tokin':wave:

  14. Its silver

  15. Hmm, silver fuming comes out yellow? Didn't know that. I stand corrected:eek:
    I always thought the bluish tints were silver.:smoking:
  16. Thanks everyone! Looked sketchy in my lighting

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