yellow stripes and curling inward/upward? pics

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gheeda, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. to me looks like a slight potassium deficiency
  2. Left for about two hours and came back to this.

    Both sides of the same plant now have two leaves that look like they are drastically trying to fold in on themselves.. check the link

    If it is, infact, potassium def... are there any home remedies to rectify this for the immediate time being.
  3. The leaves have now gotten very dry.. and brittle, it seems. With the discoloration now turning a brownish rusty colour.
  4. When was it fed last? Could you have over fert it? What nutes do you use
  5. just 20% worm castings w/ my minimal nute potting soil. The plants are only 3 weeks old or so. And I figured i'd start ferting @ 4weeks when ill have the funds to get the set.
  6. Went ahead and cut off the bad growth as the new growth doesnt share the trouble. we'll see wat happens
  7. Ive had some plants do similiar,and it was from over nutes.Give it just water awhile and it should recover...if thats the should know if you been strong on the nutes or not..
  8. i do know.. i havn't used any nutes other than worm castings. and the soil they're in is .0025% range of nutes across the board.
  9. thats why I think its a deficency but not sure. I'm kinda new to indoor
  10. Most likely a deficiency if you havent fed them any nutes. The only other cause would be a PH problem.
  11. tplat I agree with you

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