yellow spots on leaves

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  1. just noticed some yellow spots on a few leaves this morning. i'm pretty certain it's not a lack of nutrients. could be issues with the pH in the soil perhaps. any ideas?

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  2. I had those same spots myself with my current grow, as to what it could be I still don't know.

    Probably causes could be
    nutrients or lack of
    nute burn

    If your growing in a good soil ph shouldn't be too much of a problem but if you have a ph meter def check if the soil is in its sweet spot range. Other than that it's not too big of a deal. Like I said I faced a similar problem and I had no ph meter and now i'm 5 weeks into flower without much to worry about.
  3. If its one or two leaves dont worry about it. If its spreading to everything then revisit this issue. You could cause more harm then good trying to fix just a couple leaves. I had that issue early on on my current batch and just left it plants are doing great!
  4. thanks for the comments. my soil does have lime in it that is supposed to help with the pH levels. however, my original soil had time release nutrients in it which were hurting my plant. i transplanted a while ago and all the new leaves have been healthy since up until now. i know that there is still some of the original soil present, so perhaps it is still a nutrient burn of some kind.

    i think i will lower the nutrients in the next feeding (which is a couple days from now) and wait to see if it gets any worse.
  5. Sounds similar to my issue I had. I planted originally with MG. Then when my FF Ocean soil came in I knocked most of the MG soil out. Prior to that I had a couple leaves with spots. MG Soil has those nasty little golden balls in it. THose are the time released nutes. Get a bunch on some roots and when they release it can be bad.

    As soon as I transplanted was end of story.

    Lowering nutes is a good idea..what I did. Your plants should be fine. People tend to freak out when they see just a couple spots.

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